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  1. James Adovasio
  2. Francisco Pizarro
  3. Machu Picchu
  4. Lord Pacal
  5. Tawantinsuyu
  1. a sailed to New World 3 times; rmors of "mountains of gold" to south (Cortes); 26 July 1529: Queen of Spain gave permission "to discover and conquer Peru"; 1532: Pizarro returned to Peru; Atahuallpa consumed with war
  2. b excavated Meadowcroft Rock Shelter
  3. c Inca; "people of the 4 directions"
  4. d Inca; Urubamba Valley; Quechua: "Old Mountain"; built by Pachacuti; ca. 1440-1532; chosen for geological features; 7,710 ft. Discoveries :
    1908: rediscovered by Hiram Bingham, Yale Peruvian Expedition 1911, 1912-1915: sponsored by National Geographic, 1983: UNESCO World Heritage site
  5. e Mayan ruler who came to power in AD 615 in Palenque; his sarcophagus was discovered by Alberto Ruz Lhuiller

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  1. 1890; Mashonaland occupied by Cecil Rhodes (Rhodesia) for gold prospecting; site became symbol justifying glories of colonization
  2. built Cuzco (capital city of Incan Empire) in 1438-1471 AD; name means He who makes the world; transformed city and empire; built Machu Picchu
  3. Spanish Bishop who ordered Maya writings be burned; including codices
  4. Ruler: living son of Inti, link with god upon death
  5. Ina; temple to Sun god; beneath Church of Santo Domingo; walls covered in "sweat of Inti"; gold maize plants; inca masonry niches

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  1. Neide Guidon(Colorado Museum of Natural History) realized bones were from an extinct form of plains bison


  2. Ignatius DonnellyInca; son of sun god


  3. Occam's Razorexcavated Meadowcroft Rock Shelter


  4. John Lloyd Stephens and Frederick Catherwoodauthors of Incidents of Travel in Yucatan in 1841


  5. CoyolxauhquiInca; home of virgin weavers; cotton, aplaca, llama; textiles important tax item (women: fabric, men: rope)


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