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  1. otoscope
  2. protein pigment in the bioconcave mature RBC carries O2 (oxygen)
  3. plasma
  4. normocytic
  5. ALT
  1. a hemoglobin
  2. b the liquid portion of whole blood that contains active clotting agents
  3. c used to denote an erythrocyte that is normal in size; size category used to classify anemia
  4. d instrument used for visual examination of the ear; An otoscope is an instrument which is used to look into the ear canal. The ear speculum (a cone-shaped viewing piece of the otoscope) is slowly inserted into the ear canal while looking into the otoscope. The speculum is angled slightly toward the person's nose to follow the canal. A light beam extends beyond the viewing tip of the speculum. The otoscope is gently moved to different angles to view the canal walls and eardrum.
  5. e ALT (SGPT) - Alanine Aminotransferase or Serum Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase is the most specific indicator of liver disease and is elevated in cirrhosis, hepatitis, neuromuscular status or any arrhythmias and liver cancer.

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  1. a sharp with engineered sharps injury protection
    such as
    self-sheathing safety devices,
    retractable safety device,
    needle-blunting safety device,
    hinged or sliding safety mechanisms
  2. mineral To assist in diagnosis of anemia
  3. called thrombocyte, helps clot blood, are fragments of megakaryocyte cells from bone marrow, smallest formed element of blood, round or oval, no nucleus, stain blue.
  4. inflammation of the cornea of the eye
  5. Uses a winged-infusion set.
    smaller G needle, shorter needle so less painful, use with syringe on hand or evacuated tube in AC area

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  1. microhematocrit tube 3 layers3 places to adjust light 10 power ocular x 10 power objective = 100x (low power) 10 power ocular x 45 power objective = 450x (high power) 10 power ocular x 100 power objective = 1000x (oil immersion)


  2. granulocytesthe destruction or dissolution of red blood cells with subsequent release of hemoglobin


  3. AUAuris uterque (AU), both ears


  4. Renal PanelCreatinine, BUN, UA, Glucose


  5. Veins in forearmnitrogenous waste from muscle metabolism excreted in urine


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