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  1. hypochromic
  2. oncovirus
  3. microhematocrit tube 3 layers
  4. BUN and creatinine
  5. needle stick injury
  1. a results can show renal impairment or indicate obstruction
  2. b When spun, clay at very bottom, RBCs are heaviest and fall to bottom, next "buffy coat" made up of WBCs and platelets, top plasma that is lightest, then empty open end of tube
  3. c a virus that predisposes people to cancer (papillomavirus, Epstein-Barr virus (burkitt;s lymphoma).
  4. d an accidental puncture caused by a used hypodermic needle, blood borne disease exposure, report immediately, follow blood exposure action plan in facility
  5. e Pertaining to deficiency in color; decrease in hemoglobin in red blood cells.

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  1. the liquid portion of whole blood that contains active clotting agents
  2. CPK, Tropnin I, Troponin T
  3. the destruction or dissolution of red blood cells with subsequent release of hemoglobin
  4. most common cancer for men between 15 and 35; all young men over 15 should practice monthly self exams; check for swelling, tenderness, or lumps
    A simple 3-minute self-examination once a month can detect one of the cancers most common among men aged 15 to 34. If detected early, testicular cancer is one of the most easily cured.
    The best time to check yourself is in the shower or after a warm bath. Fingers glide over soapy skin making it easier to concentrate on the texture underneath. The heat causes the skin to relax making the exam easier.
    1. Start by examining your testicles. Slowly roll the testicle between the thumb and fingers, applying slight pressure. Try to find hard, painless lumps.
    2. Now examine your epididymis. This comma-shaped cord is behind each testicle. It may be tender to the touch. It's also the location of the most noncancerous problems.
    3. Continue by examining the vas (sperm-carrying tube that runs up from your epididymis). The vas normally feels like a firm, movable smooth tube.
    Now repeat the exam on the other side.
    In the early stages testicular cancer may be symptomless.
    When symptoms do occur they include:
    lump on the testicle;
    slight enlargement of one of the testicles;
    heavy sensation in the testicles or groin;
    dull ache in the lower abdomen or groin.
    If you find any hard lumps or nodules, see your doctor promptly. Only your doctor can make a diagnosis.
    This self-exam is not a substitute for periodic examinations by a qualified physician.
  5. always wipe first drop away before collecting sample make sure puncture is deep enough to yield enough blood

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  1. Cardiac enzymescomplex protein molecules found only in the heart muscle. samples can be taken via blood to determine the amount of the heart disease or damage; Creatine kinase, lactate dehydronenase, and creatine phosphokinase are released into the blood when myocardial cells die


  2. PT/INRProthrombin time; measures clotting factors dependent on vitamin K for production. (extrinsic clotting factors) To detect/diagnose a bleeding disorder and see how well prescribed blood thinners are working. ie coumadin; normal range for someone NOT on coumadin 10-14 seconds


  3. smallest formed elementOn diagram we were given: Cephalic on thumb side of arm: Just cepahilic nearest elbow, median cephalic branch coming to point in "m", supplementary cephalic as cephalic continues toward wrist. Heel of hand side: Basilic closest to elbow, median basilic branch to point in "m", Near wrist: median antebrachial fairly central of 3 veins but slightly closer toward edge of arm by heel of hand


  4. most numerous type of leukocyte in the bloodneutrophil It is a granular leukocyte, named for the neutral stain of its granules, that fights infection by surrounds, swallows and digests bacteria (phagocytosis) 7 hour life span


  5. anemiaa condition marked by the deficiency of RBCs


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