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  1. Femoral Hernia
  2. elimination of wastes
  3. serosa
  4. salivary glands
  5. Permanent Teeth
  1. a Parotid: 25-30% of saliva
    Sublingual: 3-5% salvia
    Submandibular: 60-70% saliva
    autonomic innervation
    Produces 1.5 L saliva a day
  2. b most common in females
    intestines push through the femoral triangle
  3. c visceral peritoneum
  4. d defecation of feces
  5. e 32 permanent teeth
    8 incisors
    4 Canines
    8 premolars
    12 molars

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  1. Exocrine functions: produces digestive enzymes
    Endocrine Functions: Produces insulin and glucagon
  2. heartburn, acidic stomach contents regurgitate into the esophagus
  3. space between two peritoneal layers
    contains serous fluid
  4. get rid of things
    production and release of bile, enzymes
  5. Stores and concentrates bile

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  1. Enteroendocrine CellsHormone secretion


  2. Parietal CellsHydrochloric: acid secretion
    Gastric intrinsic factor: GIF binds to B12 assisting in B12 absorption
    hyposecretion of GIF leads to pernicious anemia


  3. Umbilical HerniaStomach pushes through the esophageal hiatus


  4. SubmucosaEpithelial lining closest to lumen
    Esophageal mucosa is STRATIFIED SQUAMOUS


  5. Mucosavisceral peritoneum


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