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  1. Anal Canal
  2. serosa
  3. Muscularis
  4. Chief Cells
  5. Esophagus
  1. a Internal Anal Sphincter: Smooth Muscle, Involuntary
    External Anal Sphincter: Skeletal Muscle, Voluntary
    Anal Sinuses: pressure from passing feces it allows mucous to be released lubricating the canal
  2. b inner circular and outer longitudinal layers of muscle
    segmentation and peristalsis
  3. c visceral peritoneum
  4. d Secretion of pepsinogen
    acid activates the pepsinogen into pepsin
    pepsin digests proteins
  5. e muscular tube
    propels swallowed food to stomach
    esophageal hiatus (opening of diaphragm)

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  1. Functions: absorb water and electrolytes, forces feces and vitamins towards the rectum
  2. intestines push through the rectus abdominus
  3. Hydrochloric: acid secretion
    Gastric intrinsic factor: GIF binds to B12 assisting in B12 absorption
    hyposecretion of GIF leads to pernicious anemia
  4. form of propulsion
    involves the contraction and relaxation of muscles in the alimentary canal
  5. vascularized and innervated

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  1. Mucosavascularized and innervated


  2. Segmentationget rid of things
    production and release of bile, enzymes


  3. Gall BladderStores and concentrates bile


  4. Absorptionget rid of things
    production and release of bile, enzymes


  5. PancreasExocrine functions: produces digestive enzymes
    Endocrine Functions: Produces insulin and glucagon


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