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  1. covalen Bond
  2. fermentatrion
  3. cell theory
  4. What is the ending product(s) of LacticAcid Fermentation
  5. How much ATP is produced fro every 1 glucose during Fermentation
  1. a anaerobic process of cellular respiration that recycles ND + needed to continue glycolysis
  2. b Lactic Acid
  3. c principle that states all organisms are made of one or more cells that arise from other cells
  4. d type of bond between atoms in which the electrons are shared
  5. e none

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  1. specialized structure that perform important cellular functions tihin a eukargotic cell
  2. cell membranes in the cytoplasm that transport substances made by the cell
  3. limiting factor that depends on population density
  4. first species to populate an area during succession
  5. attraction between molecules of the same substance

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  1. stimuluspasticular prefecence or point of view that is personal rather than scientific


  2. Where does glycolysis take placecytoplasm


  3. stromawell tested explanation that unifies a broad range of observation and hypothesis and enables scientists to make accurate predications about new situations


  4. electrons chargenegative


  5. How is enery released from ATPrequires oxyen


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