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  1. How is enery released from ATP
  2. neutrons charge
  3. ecological footpoint?
  4. control group
  5. electron transport chain
  1. a Breaking the bonds betwee its phosphate energy?
  2. b group in an experiment that is exposed to the same conditions as the experiment group except for the independent variable
  3. c negative
  4. d series of electron carrier proteins that shuttle high energy electrons dasing ATP generating reactions?
  5. e total amount of functioning ecosystem need to both provide the resources and human population uses and to absorbe the waters that population generates

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  1. Krebs cycle
  2. NADH, FADH2
  3. cell organelle that breaks down lipids coarbohydrates and proteins into small molecules that can be used by the rest of the cell
  4. ability of an oranism to survive and reproduce under circumstnaces that differ from their optimal conditions
  5. Glucose

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  1. How much ATP is produced fro every 1 glucose during Fermentationnone


  2. nicheprotein catalyst that speed up the rate of a specific biological reactions


  3. biologyorganelle on whick proteins are made


  4. elementpure substance that consists entirely of one type of atom


  5. keystone speciessingle species that is not usually abundant in a community yet exerts strong control on the structure of a community


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