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  1. sustainble development
  2. cohesion
  3. mutualism
  4. carsy capacity???
  5. glycolysis
  1. a symbiotic relationship in which both species benefit the relationship
  2. b attraction between molecules of the same substance
  3. c largest number of individuals of a particular species that a paricular environment can support
  4. d strategy focusing nutural resources without deplefing???? them and for providing human nees without causing long term environment harm
  5. e first set of reactions in cellular respiratin is which molecule of glucose is boken into tow molicules of pyruvic acid

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  1. organized way of gathering and analyzing evidence about the natural world
  2. Pyruvcacid ? (hard to read)
  3. relationship in which tow species live close together
  4. type of growth indicats in which the stems increase in thickness
  5. any living part of the environment with whick an oranizm might interact

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  1. productelements or compound produced by a chemical reaction


  2. chlorophyllamount of energy needed to raise the temerature of 1 gram of water by 1 degree C


  3. hydsogen ? bondweak attraction between a hydrogen atom and another atom


  4. hypothesiswell tested explanation that unifies a broad range of observation and hypothesis and enables scientists to make accurate predications about new situations


  5. centriolesmallest unit that can perform all the life processes


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