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  1. What is acid ph
  2. monoculture
  3. species diversity
  4. homeostasis
  5. controlled experiment
  1. a relatively constant internal pysical and chemical conditions that organisms maintain
  2. b number of different species that make up a particular see??
  3. c forming strategy of planting a single highly productive crop year after year
  4. d experiment in which only one virable is changed
  5. e 8-14

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  1. signal to whick an organism responds
  2. pasticular prefecence or point of view that is personal rather than scientific
  3. cell organelle consisting of RNA and protien found throughout the cytoplasm in a cell the sit of protein synthesis
  4. domain consisting of all organisms that have a sucleus include protists plants fungi and animals
  5. elements or compounds that enters info a chemical reaction

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  1. independent variablefactor in a controlled experiment that is deliberately changed also called manipulated variable


  2. cellbasic unti of all forms of life


  3. faclitated diffusionprocess of diffusion in which molecules pass across the membrane through cell membrane channels


  4. What happens to atoms and bonds in chemical reactionsthey are rearranged


  5. ATD synthasecluster of proteins that span the cell memebrane and allow gydroen ions(H+) to pass through it


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