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  1. What is the ending product(s) of Krebs cycle
  2. ecological pyromid
  3. theory
  4. fermentatrion
  5. science
  1. a 3NADH, FADH2
  2. b organized way of gathering and analyzing evidence about the natural world
  3. c well tested explanation that unifies a broad range of observation and hypothesis and enables scientists to make accurate predications about new situations
  4. d illustration of the relative amounts of energy or matter contined within each trophic level in a given food chain or web
  5. e anaerobic process of cellular respiration that recycles ND + needed to continue glycolysis

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  1. electron carrier involved within glycolysis
  2. ph tempture oregulare molecules?????
  3. internal membrane system found in eukaryotic cells place where lipid components of the cellmembrane after assembled
  4. macromoleculs containing hydrogen oxygen nitrogen carbon and phosphorus
  5. movement of individuals out of an area

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  1. Basecompound that produces hydsoxice ions(OH-) in solution solution with a ph of more than 7


  2. biological magnificationthe increasing concentration of a harmbul substance in organisms at higher hrophic? levels in a food chain or food web


  3. autotrophorganism that is able to compose energy from sunligth or chemicals and use it to produce it's own food from inorganic compounds: also called a producer


  4. stromafluid postion of the chlorplasta outside of the thylakoids


  5. what is the ending product(s) of GlycolusisDysnic Acid 2ArD


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