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  1. What are monomers
  2. What is an anaerobic process
  3. faclitated diffusion
  4. Where does glycolysis take place
  5. organ system
  1. a smallest unit that make up a polymer
  2. b group of organs that work toghether to perform a specific function
  3. c process of diffusion in which molecules pass across the membrane through cell membrane channels
  4. d doesn't require oxygen
  5. e cytoplasm

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  1. organism whose cells have a nucleus enclosed by a membrane
  2. force of attraction between different kinds of molecules
  3. process used by plants and other autotrophs to capture light energy and used it to power chemical reactions that can vert carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and energy rich carbohydrates
  4. macromoleculs containing hydrogen oxygen nitrogen carbon and phosphorus
  5. energy, to start it

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  1. What is the starting molecule(s) of GlycolysisGlucose


  2. scienceatom that has an positve or negative charged


  3. stimulussignal to whick an organism responds


  4. dinsity independent limiting factorlimiting factor that affects all population in similar ways regardiless of the population density


  5. NAD+electron carrier involved within glycolysis


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