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  1. for agricultural activities, land use practices or management styles that maintain land productivity and decrease pesticide and fertilizer expenditures. In general, any type of practice or management style that is designed to protect water quality by controlling erosion, runoff, nutrients, pesticides and toxics
  2. limiting factor that affects all populations in similar ways, regardless of population size
  3. growth pattern in which the individuals in a population reproduce at a constant rate
  4. Insect development consisting of four stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult
  5. Bill that would force PA to reduce their TMDL of nitrogen and phosphorous into the Chesapeake Bay.

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  1. zooplanktonplanktonic animals feed on the phytoplankton


  2. carrying capacitylargest number of individuals of a population that a environment can support


  3. anadromousA life cycle in which creatures are hatched in fresh water, migrate to salt water as adults, and then go back to fresh water in order to reproduce.


  4. phytoplanktonMicroscopic, free-floating, autotrophic organisms that function as producers in aquatic ecosystems


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