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  1. 15th Amendment
  2. Bicameral Legislature
  3. The Federalist
  4. James Madison
  5. Counterpoise
  1. a 4th President. "Father of the Constitution". Co-authored The federalist with Hamilton and Jay, helped Jefferson create the Democratic-Republican Party.
  2. b All male citizens are granted the right to vote regardless of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.
  3. c Force, influence, or weight that counterbalances another, the roles of prosecutor and defense attorney.
  4. d Series of essays published in NY newspapers under the pseudonym Publius for the express purpose of gaining support for ratification of Constitution. Written by Madison, Hamilton, and Jay
  5. e Legislature in which there are two separate divisions or houses.

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  1. Group of party loyalists organized to deliver the vote on election day. Historically they often used questionable or illegal means such as buying votes of intimidation at the polls.
  2. Senator from KY and 14th VP of US, ran against Lincoln, Bell, and Douglas on extreme pro-slavery platform.
  3. SC representative at the Constitutional Convention, strong promoter of Federalism and helped persuade ratification of the Constitution in SC
  4. Called for systematic survey of the Northwest Territory and division into mile-square plots and organization into townships.
  5. Defensive alliance among sovereign equals.

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  1. Civil rightsFundamental rights granted by nature that government can not abrogate, bound to protect.


  2. Republican PartyPolitical part that stems from the controversy over slaver. Was dedicated to keeping future territories and states free from slavery.


  3. John AdamsWealthy slaveowner from Tennessee who served in both the House and the Senate, Bell ran for U.S. President against Lincoln, Breckinridge, and Douglas with Constitutional Union Party on moderate pro-slavery platform.


  4. Daniel WebsterLeading American statesman and senator during the Pre-Civil War era.


  5. Henry ClayFounding Father, served as President of Continental Congress, served as first Chief Justice of US.


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