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  1. Alien and Sedition Acts
  2. Boosterism
  3. Trust
  4. Fourteen Points
  5. Judicial activism
  1. a Moralistic ideals of Wilson; called for creation of a group of nations to help ensure peace. U.S. never joined because of a veto by Congress.
  2. b A business entity created to monopolize and dominate a market.
  3. c Laws passed by Congress to stifle writings of French propagandists against neutrality of US.
  4. d Promoting one's town or city, sometimes in an excessive or exaggerated manner, in order to increase both its quality and its public perception.
  5. e When the courts use judicial power to achieve social goals.

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  1. Alliance of southern states that seceded from the union over slavery.
  2. Plan presented during Constitutional Convention in which each state equal representation.
  3. Fundamental rights granted by nature that government can not abrogate, bound to protect.
  4. Supreme court case in which judicial review established.
  5. Aspect of party politics in which voters are systematically rounded up and helped to get to the polling place.

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  1. Republican PartyMidnight Appointment by John Adams, sued Secretary of State Madison for delivery of commission, being withheld by order of President Jefferson.


  2. Alexander HamiltonServed as first Secretary of Treasury under Washington and founded Federalist Party. Co-wrote Federalist, for strong government.


  3. PoleisCity or city-state, often self-governed by its citizens.


  4. Land Ordinance of 1785Called for systematic survey of the Northwest Territory and division into mile-square plots and organization into townships.


  5. SupermajorityPolitical group for the ratification of the Constitution.


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