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  1. Gouverneur Morris
  2. Henry Clay
  3. Fourteen Points
  4. Counterpoise
  5. William Marbury
  1. a PA representative at the Constitutional Convention, Morris credited with authoring large sections of the Constitution, including the Preamble.
  2. b Midnight Appointment by John Adams, sued Secretary of State Madison for delivery of commission, being withheld by order of President Jefferson.
  3. c American statesman and congressman who founded the Whig party.
  4. d Force, influence, or weight that counterbalances another, the roles of prosecutor and defense attorney.
  5. e Moralistic ideals of Wilson; called for creation of a group of nations to help ensure peace. U.S. never joined because of a veto by Congress.

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  1. 26th President. Known for his boisterous personality, trust busting, championing environmental causes, and promoting "big stick" foreign policy.
  2. Plan presented during Constitutional Convention in which each state would have proportional representation in Congress.
  3. Founding Father, served as President of Continental Congress, served as first Chief Justice of US.
  4. Dividing powers of government between the three branches.
  5. Alliance of southern states that seceded from the union over slavery.

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  1. New Jersey PlanPlan presented during Constitutional Convention in which each state equal representation.


  2. James WilsonGroup of individuals who share the same specific political agenda.


  3. Hume's filters of consent3rd President. Principal author of the Declaration of Independence and an influential Founding Father of the US. Founded the Democratic-Republican party and promoted idea of a small federal government.


  4. Popular campaigningPromoting candidates as being from the common masses, rather than as elite gentlemen-politicians.


  5. Articles of ConfederationDocument outlining an alliance of sovereign, equal states in which there was a weak central governing Continental Congress.


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