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  1. New Deal
  2. Enumeration
  3. Midnight appointments
  4. Frederick Jackson Turner
  5. Dred Scott
  1. a Slave who sued unsuccessfully for his freedom because he had lived with his owner in several free states. Ruling determined slaves were property and couldn't be freed by state laws. Ruling nullified Missouri Compromise.
  2. b Written listing of the power of government.
  3. c Plan by FDR involving creation of various government agencies and programs designed to stimulate the economy and help the U.S. escape the Great Depression.
  4. d Judiciary appointments made by John Adams in response to Democratic Republican victory in Congress and Presidency.
  5. e American historian who studied and wrote about the American experience and what made it unique.

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  1. Abolished slavery in the US.
  2. Fundamental alteration in the way life is lived. Usually unnoticed because it is a slow process.
  3. Political group for the ratification of the Constitution.
  4. Parts of Constitution that help organize and control power.
  5. Plan presented during Constitutional Convention in which each state equal representation.

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  1. Separation of powersDividing powers of government between the three branches.


  2. William Paterson4th President. "Father of the Constitution". Co-authored The federalist with Hamilton and Jay, helped Jefferson create the Democratic-Republican Party.


  3. Get out the vote activityWhen ultimate political power resides in the state rather than the federal government.


  4. Marbury v. MadisonSupreme Court case in which power of federal government expanded by broad interpretation of the commerce cause.


  5. SectionalismFactionalism on a larger, more regional scale, with fewer but larger factions. During the 1800s over slavery issue nullified the benefits of Madison's extended republic and led to Civil War.


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