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  1. Get out the vote activity
  2. Judiciary Act of 1789
  3. The Federalist
  4. Frederick Jackson Turner
  5. State Sovereignty
  1. a Series of essays published in NY newspapers under the pseudonym Publius for the express purpose of gaining support for ratification of Constitution. Written by Madison, Hamilton, and Jay
  2. b When ultimate political power resides in the state rather than the federal government.
  3. c American historian who studied and wrote about the American experience and what made it unique.
  4. d Congressional act passed to form federal court system and authorize writs of mandamus.
  5. e Aspect of party politics in which voters are systematically rounded up and helped to get to the polling place.

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  1. Part of the Theodore Roosevelt phrase: "Speak softly and carry a big stick," representing the military of the US.
  2. Fundamental rights granted by nature that government can not abrogate, bound to protect.
  3. Legislature in which there are two separate divisions or houses.
  4. A business entity created to monopolize and dominate a market.
  5. One of most well-known Founders, leading printer, scientist, inventor, ad diplomat. Helped secure France as an ally during Revolutionary War.

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  1. Constitutional MechanismParts of Constitution that help organize and control power.


  2. SecessionFormal withdrawal of states or regions from a nation.


  3. Judicial activismWhen the courts use judicial power to achieve social goals.


  4. Indirect electionGovernment officials elected by previously chosen representatives, and not directly by the people.


  5. George B. McClellanVA representative at the Constitutional Convention, refused to sign the Constitution because it did not contain a declaration of rights.


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