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  1. cultural divergence
  2. C
  3. diffusion
  4. True
  5. grid
  1. a True or False?
    A province is a political division of a nation
  2. b formed by intersecting lines of latitude and longitude on the globe
  3. c People were Aryan

    a-Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
    b-Nile River
    c-Indus River
    d-Yellow River
  4. d process by which culture transfers its beginning to other places
  5. e restriction of a culture come in contact with those of another culture

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  1. An important economic activity common to Alaska, Hawaii, and the Pacific Coast states is
    d-Oil refining
  2. countryside
  3. True or False?
    Someone who is bilingual has three languages
  4. Provides political systmes and economic systems that allow a country to operate

    d-social organizations
  5. The economic development of Ontario and Quebec was greatly influenced by their location
    a-bordering the US
    b-Bordering the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River
    c-Along the Grand Banks
    d-In the Canadian Shield

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  1. geographythe study of the earths surface and the processes that shape the connection between places and the complete relationships between people and their environment


  2. Hierarchythe study of the surface of the earth


  3. DThe earliest surviving map is a clay table from the
    a-syrian empire
    b-persian empire
    c-carthaginian empire
    d-babylonian empire


  4. AThe area of hard rock and oor soil that surrounds the hudosn Bay is called
    a-the Canadian Shiled
    b-A cordillera
    c-The Grand Banks
    d-ribbon development


  5. ABuddhist



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