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  1. a Provides for life-changing services

    d-social organizations
  2. b A geographer would most likely use sonar to do which of the following tasks?

    a-map the population density of an area
    b-prepare a detailed road map
    c-map a section of the ocean floor
    d-identify changes in land use over time
  3. c In order to encourage farming in the Great Plains during the 1800's, the government
    a-Gave parcels of land to settlers who agreed to farm
    b-Cleared the land and offered it for sale at reasonable rates
    c-Paid immigrants with farmin backgrounds to settle in the region
    d-Encouraged to logging industry to clear land so it could be converted for agricultural use
  4. d The economic development of Ontario and Quebec was greatly influenced by their location
    a-bordering the US
    b-Bordering the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River
    c-Along the Grand Banks
    d-In the Canadian Shield

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  1. The construction of the Erie Canal was important because it
    a-linked the Hudson River in NY and the Great Lakes in the Midwest, greatly increasing the trade between the two regions
    b-helped eastern cities such as Boston and Philadelphia become important port cities
    c-Allowed easter crops to be transported faster and more efficiently to cities in the South and the West
    d-Provided the best access to the Pacific Ocean
  2. the art of mapmaking
  3. Which of the following is an accurate statement about the economy of the Atlantic Province?
    a-Tourism is the region's major economic activity
    b-a recent economic slump has resulted in a large decline in the population of the region
    c-Forestry, farming, fishing are important economic activities of the region
    d-Overfishing of shrimp and crab has largely destroyed the fishing industry in the region
  4. runs north and south but measures east and runs west in degrees other than 0
  5. Present Day Iraq

    a-Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
    b-Nile River
    c-Indus River
    d-Yellow River

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  1. BThe Smallest Province

    a- Albeta
    b- British Columbia
    D-New Brunswick
    F-Northwest Territories
    G-Nova Scotia
    J-Prince Edward Island
    M-Yukon Territory


  2. BVolunteer Organizations

    d-social organizations


  3. AThe natural resources that have most contributed to the U.S economic growth are
    a-Lead, peat, iron ore, and water
    b-land, forests, coal, oil, and natural gas
    c-wildlife, scenic wonders, water, and diamonds
    d-clay, tin, climate, prarie grass, and abundant rainfall


  4. FalseTrue or False?
    All Canadian provinces are strongly united and unlikely to separate


  5. hinterlandan area served by a city


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