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  1. intermediate direction
  2. A
  3. D
  4. False
  5. True
  1. a the direction between the four cardinal directions on a map
  2. b In order to encourage farming in the Great Plains during the 1800's, the government
    a-Gave parcels of land to settlers who agreed to farm
    b-Cleared the land and offered it for sale at reasonable rates
    c-Paid immigrants with farmin backgrounds to settle in the region
    d-Encouraged to logging industry to clear land so it could be converted for agricultural use
  3. c True or False?
    The Appalachian Mountains extend into Canada
  4. d True or False?
    All Canadian provinces are strongly united and unlikely to separate
  5. e After the Civil War, which ended in 1865, Chicago grew to become the largest city in the Midwest

    a-because many people from the South and West migrated to the area
    b-because the construction of the erie canal made the city an important center of trade
    c-because of the agricultural industries that were located near the city
    d-because Chicago had the best location along the railoroad network, located centrally between the coasts

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  1. mossy swampland
  2. All of the following are accurate statements about governments in Central America EXCEPT:

    a-in most central american countries, a small minority of rich people dominates the government
    b-for many years, the government in NIcaragua was controlled by one family
    c-for many years, guatemala was ruled by a series of military dictators
    d-El Salvador is one of the few central american countries that has historically had a democratically elected government
  3. The natural resources that have most contributed to the U.S economic growth are
    a-Lead, peat, iron ore, and water
    b-land, forests, coal, oil, and natural gas
    c-wildlife, scenic wonders, water, and diamonds
    d-clay, tin, climate, prarie grass, and abundant rainfall
  4. The movement about which geographes talk usually refers to
    a-environmental changes
    b-people, goods, and ideas
    c-relative locations of places on the earth
    d-birthrates and death rates and family size
  5. an imaginary line that runs east and west but measures north and south at 0 degrees

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  1. emigrationpeople who leave a country to live in other places


  2. CIs a God-ordained institution

    d-social organizations


  3. immigrationpeople who leave a country to live in other places


  4. BWhich of the following distinguishes the provinces of Quebec from the rest of Canada?
    a-IT HAS THE LARGEST Inuit population
    b-It has the closest ties to the customs and cultures of Fracne
    c-It has the largest ASian immigrant community
    d-It has the only provinces that voted against becoming independent from Great Britain


  5. DHindu



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