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Geography Midterm Review Test

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  1. B
  2. diffusion
  3. C
  4. A
  1. a The polar bear capital of the world is
    a-Churchill, Manitoba
    b-Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
    c-Vancouver, British Columbia
    d-Banff, Alberta
  2. b The two main branches of geography are
    a-topographical and relief
    b-relative and absolute
    c-human and physical
    d-regional and systematic
  3. c Present Day Egypt

    a-Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
    b-Nile River
    c-Indus River
    d-Yellow River
  4. d process by which culture transfers its beginning to other places

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  1. area between the Appalachian Mountains and the atlantic coastal plain
  2. True or False?
    a gore shows the result of a flattened globe
  3. formed by intersecting lines of latitude and longitude on the globe
  4. a major city and its surrounding suburbs
  5. Sometimes called spud island

    a- Albeta
    b- British Columbia
    D-New Brunswick
    F-Northwest Territories
    G-Nova Scotia
    J-Prince Edward Island
    M-Yukon Territory

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  1. DThe rapid increase of population in the West resulted from the discovery of
    a-Gold and silver deposits
    b-a major oil field in Alaska
    c-The lush forests of the Northwest
    D-plentiful fish off the coast


  2. emigrationthe grwoth of city populations


  3. TrueTrue or False?
    Lines of latitude are parallel to the equator


  4. TrueTrue or False?
    Most Canadians live within a 100 mile border of the United States


  5. Free Enterprisearea between the Appalachian Mountains and the atlantic coastal plain


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