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  1. False
  2. C
  3. cultural divergence
  4. mangrove
  1. a tropical swampland tree
  2. b True or False?
    Human geography is the study of landforms
  3. c restriction of a culture come in contact with those of another culture
  4. d The Prarie Provinces provided most of Canada's
    a-fishing and shipping industry
    b-natural beauty
    c-grain and cattle
    d-intellectual cultural activity

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  1. Compared with people in the Prarie Provinces, the residents of British Columbia are
    a-more likely to have higher incomes
    b-less likely to live in cities
    c-more likely to be employed in the oil industry
    d-less likely to be immigrants
  2. One of the distinctive characteristics of the Midwest is its
  3. What enabled large ships to travel the St. Lawrence Seaway to the great lakes?
    d-Ribbon Development
  4. runs north and south but measures east and runs west in degrees other than 0
  5. the direction between the four cardinal directions on a map

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  1. KAll of the following are accurate statements about governments in Central America EXCEPT:

    a-in most central american countries, a small minority of rich people dominates the government
    b-for many years, the government in NIcaragua was controlled by one family
    c-for many years, guatemala was ruled by a series of military dictators
    d-El Salvador is one of the few central american countries that has historically had a democratically elected government


  2. geographythe study of the earths surface and the processes that shape the connection between places and the complete relationships between people and their environment


  3. AMesopotamia, Fertile Crescent

    a-Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
    b-Nile River
    c-Indus River
    d-Yellow River


  4. DThe Smallest Province

    a- Albeta
    b- British Columbia
    D-New Brunswick
    F-Northwest Territories
    G-Nova Scotia
    J-Prince Edward Island
    M-Yukon Territory


  5. TrueTrue or False?
    a gore shows the result of a flattened globe


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