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  1. C
  2. True
  3. longitude
  4. False
  5. B
  1. a Each country in the world has all of the following characteristics EXCEPT
    a-A population that an vary greatly in size, density, and diversity
    b-Natural borders, such as mountains that seperate it from other countries
    c-A government that makes and enforces public policies and provides for common needs
    d-the ability to rule itself by establishing its own policies and determining its own course of action
  2. b True or False?
    The Prime Meridian runs through Greenwich, England
  3. c True or False
    Maritime refers to interior land with abundant lakes
  4. d runs north and south but measures east and runs west in degrees other than 0
  5. e A geographer would most likely use sonar to do which of the following tasks?

    a-map the population density of an area
    b-prepare a detailed road map
    c-map a section of the ocean floor
    d-identify changes in land use over time

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  1. a major city and its surrounding suburbs
  2. the numer of deaths each year per 1000 people
  3. The most valuable resource of the Northeast is
  4. Is the cornerstone of culture

    d-social organizations
  5. True or False?
    Lines of longitude are parallel to the prime meridian

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  1. AThe land where Evangeline and Gabriel were separated

    a- Albeta
    b- British Columbia
    D-New Brunswick
    F-Northwest Territories
    G-Nova Scotia
    J-Prince Edward Island
    M-Yukon Territory


  2. Telecommunicationspeople who move into a country


  3. geographythe study of the earths surface and the processes that shape the connection between places and the complete relationships between people and their environment


  4. mangrovetropical swampland tree


  5. diffusionTrue or False?
    Someone who is bilingual has three languages


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