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  1. intramolecular forces
  2. Melting/Fusion
  3. Sublimation
  4. Consequences of IMF: Boiling Point
  5. Viscosity
  1. a forces between atoms within a molecule
  2. b stronger IMF causes higher boiling points
  3. c solid to gas add PE
  4. d a measure of a fluid's resistance to flow
    - strong IMF leads to high viscosities
  5. e solid to liquid add PE

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  1. stronger IMF give higher melting points
  2. solutions form when the solvent-solute interactions are stronger than the solute-solute and solvent-solvent interactions
  3. will ionize completely in H2O
  4. will partially ionize in H2O
  5. attraction between unlike molecules (H2O and glass)

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  1. Freezing point depression- boiling point of solvent increases when solute is added (solution is favored over the two separate because the solution has more disorder which is favored by entropy)


  2. Mole fractionquantified amount of solute in a solvent


  3. Freezeliquid to solid remove PE


  4. Condensationquantified amount of solute in a solvent


  5. Electrolyte solutionconducts electricity (ions present)(salt)


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