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  1. Melting/Fusion
  2. Viscosity
  3. Tyndal effect
  4. Deposition
  5. Lattice energy is endothermic
  1. a a measure of a fluid's resistance to flow
    - strong IMF leads to high viscosities
  2. b solid to liquid add PE
  3. c gas to solid remove PE
  4. d light will scatter on a colloid because of the larger particles
  5. e ...

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  1. mass solute over mass solution
  2. this is a change in the potential energy, meaning the arrangement of molecules is changed and not speed (no temperature change)
  3. balanced inside and outside concentration
  4. way to determine the amount of a compound present by knowing a concentration and volume of one compound and the volume of the other
  5. contains max amount of solute that can dissolve in solvent

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  1. solubility is effected bytemperature
    - solubility of a solid in a liquid increases with a temp increase
    - solubility of a gas in liquid decreases with a temp increase
    - solubility of a solid in liquid is not effected by pressure
    - solubility of a gas in liquid increases with an increase in pressure


  2. cohesionattraction between unlike molecules (H2O and glass)


  3. Misciblestuff present in the lesser amount


  4. Mole fractionquantified amount of solute in a solvent


  5. strong electrolyte solutiondoesn't conduct electricity (no ions present)(sugar)


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