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  1. Miscible
  2. adhesion
  3. Molality
  4. Tyndal effect
  5. non-electrolyte solution
  1. a attraction between unlike molecules (H2O and glass)
  2. b when two substances are completely soluble in each other at all proportions
  3. c light will scatter on a colloid because of the larger particles
  4. d doesn't conduct electricity (no ions present)(sugar)
  5. e moles of solute over Kg of solvent

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  1. contains max amount of solute that can dissolve in solvent
  2. will ionize completely in H2O
  3. solution concentration is greater than cell fluid concentration
    - H2O out of cell to solution and cell crunches
  4. attraction between the same molecules (H2O and H2O)
  5. solid to liquid add PE

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  1. Viscositywhen two substances are completely soluble in each other at all proportions


  2. Surface tensionamount of energy required to stretch or increase the surface of liquid by a unit of area; strength of this "skin" is directly proportional to the IMF


  3. Consequences of IMF: Melting Pointstronger IMF causes higher boiling points


  4. Boiling point elevation- boiling point of solvent increases when solute is added (solution is favored over the two separate because the solution has more disorder which is favored by entropy)


  5. solventsubstance present in the largest amount


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