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  1. Boiling/Evaporation
  2. Dipole-Dipole Forces
  3. Henry's Law
  4. Tyndal effect
  5. Molality
  1. a moles of solute over Kg of solvent
  2. b liquid to gas add PE
  3. c like dissolves like
  4. d force that exists between polar molecules
  5. e light will scatter on a colloid because of the larger particles

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  1. solution concentration is greater than cell fluid concentration
    - H2O out of cell to solution and cell crunches
  2. vapor pressure is the partial pressure of vapor over a liquid
    stronger IMF makes lower vapor pressure because it is harder to evaporate the material
  3. will ionize completely in H2O
  4. when two substances are completely soluble in each other at all proportions
  5. DNA is held together by H-bonds
    The reason why what has its unique properties

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  1. Concentrationgas to liquid remove PE


  2. Isosmotic solutionsolution concentration is less than the cell fluid concentration
    - H2O flows into cell and it swells


  3. saturated solutioncontains max amount of solute that can dissolve in solvent


  4. intermolecular forcesforces between atoms within a molecule


  5. Freezeliquid to solid remove PE


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