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  1. Buddhism was introduced to the ancient Chinese by Missionaries from-
  2. Which religion from India is the 3rd largest religion practiced in the world today?
  3. The Romans made improvements to their civilization bu providing running water from bridge-like structures called
  4. Which of the following was considered most important by ancient Greek philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle?
  5. What Mauryn king grew tired of fighting bloody wars and converted to Buddhism?
  1. a Asoka
  2. b India
  3. c Reason
  4. d Aquaducts
  5. e Hinduism

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  1. The first written law code of Athens
  2. Justinian
  3. Math
  4. Greek traders and aristocrats would colonize other parts of the world after his army would conquer the land
  5. Paper

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  1. The Silk Road was very important to the ancient world because....Indus River, Ganges River


  2. The Code of Hammurabifirst development of a money economy, coined money


  3. The most feared invaders of Western Europe during the 800's-900's A.D. were the-Democracies allowed all citizens to take part in government decisions


  4. Ancient Greeks were responsible for all of the following except the--Design of the arc


  5. The Mayans established their civilization on the ___________ PeninsulaThe Spaniards led by Cortes brought disease conquered by the Aztecs


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