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  1. Name the philosopher that taught by asking questions that forced the students to question their values and ideas.
  2. In which way did the Magna Carta improve the lives of the ordinary?
  3. The ancient Greek, Pythagoras, is best remember for his contribution to--
  4. The two most important rivers in India are:
  5. Western Europe remained Roman Catholic, while the Byzantine church became known as the ______ _______
  1. a Math
  2. b Eastern Orthodox
  3. c Provided a limited outline of rights for England's ordinary people
  4. d Indus River, Ganges River
  5. e Socrates

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  1. Yucatan
  2. Representation of the Population
  3. Greece
  4. Tithe
  5. Civil Service

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  1. The Russian city of Moscow was also known as the ___ RomeHeiroglyphics


  2. Which of the following was an important invention of China's ancient Han Dynasty?Paper


  3. The most feared invaders of Western Europe during the 800's-900's A.D. were the-Vikings


  4. Ancient Greeks were responsible for all of the following except the--Design of the arc


  5. The importance of Draco, archon of Athens in 621 B.C., is that he developed-The first written law code of Athens


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