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  1. Ancient Greeks were responsible for all of the following except the--
  2. Which of the following forms of literature originated in ancient Greece?
  3. In the middle ages, the parish priest would collect 10 percent of a Christian person's income, or a _____
  4. Western Europe remained Roman Catholic, while the Byzantine church became known as the ______ _______
  5. The most feared invaders of Western Europe during the 800's-900's A.D. were the-
  1. a Design of the arc
  2. b Tithe
  3. c Eastern Orthodox
  4. d Vikings
  5. e Drama

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  1. 3rd
  2. The first written law code
  3. Inquisition
  4. It was a crucial trade route stretching from the Mediterranean to Asia region.
  5. Socrates

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  1. In which of the following ancient civilizations did the first democracy develop?Drama


  2. The Mayans established their civilization on the ___________ PeninsulaYucatan


  3. How did the idea of democracy change the way societies were ruled?Greek traders and aristocrats would colonize other parts of the world after his army would conquer the land


  4. In which way did the Magna Carta improve the lives of the ordinary?Provided a limited outline of rights for England's ordinary people


  5. The oldest tribe located in Meso-America were known as the-Olmecs


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