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  1. The Code of Hammurabi
  2. Buddhism was introduced to the ancient Chinese by Missionaries from-
  3. In the mid 1200's Saint Dominic and his Dominicans preached to the heretics (non believers) across Western Europe. What was this practice called?
  4. In which of the following ancient civilizations did the first democracy develop?
  5. The Hellenistic culture is a blend of which two cultures?
  1. a The first written law code
  2. b Inquisition
  3. c Greece
  4. d India
  5. e The Greek and Persian cultures

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  1. Justinian
  2. Nile, Tigris-Eurphrates,
  3. first development of a money economy, coined money
  4. Heiroglyphics
  5. Eastern Orthodox

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  1. How did Alexander the Great spread Greek culture?Greek traders and aristocrats would colonize other parts of the world after his army would conquer the land


  2. The code of conduct that the knights followed was called-Chivalry


  3. Name the unbiased historical writer know for his writings of the Peloponnesian War.Heiroglyphics


  4. Which of the following was considered most important by ancient Greek philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle?Drama


  5. To assimilate a portion of one culture with another is know as-Heiroglyphics


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