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  1. Physical Change Examples
  2. Chemical Change
  3. Indicator
  4. Neutralization Formula
  5. Overgeneralization
  1. a Drawing a conclusion based on too little data
  2. b Acid + Base = A salt + Water
  3. c Dissolving, Breaking, Tearing, Coloring, Boiling
  4. d Material that reacts to become something else
  5. e A chemical that changes in the presence of an acid or base

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  1. Burning, Corroding, Rusting, Bubbling
  2. Mixture where the particles never settle out
  3. Two or more materials mixed together, can tell them apart
  4. Forms when atoms lose or gain electrons
  5. Above 7 on pH scale, OH negative ions, Turns red litmus paper blue, Corrosive, Electrolytes, Bitter taste

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  1. Personal BiasThe force that holds a compound together


  2. Dependent VariableResult you measure


  3. Physical ChangeChange in the appearance or shape in the material, doesn't change the material


  4. Chemical FormulaThe force that holds a compound together


  5. Scientific Method Steps2, 8, 18, 32


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