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  1. Chemical Formula
  2. Indicator
  3. Control
  4. Dependent Variable
  5. Traits of Bases
  1. a Above 7 on pH scale, OH negative ions, Turns red litmus paper blue, Corrosive, Electrolytes, Bitter taste
  2. b Shows the elements in the compound and the amount of atoms in each element
  3. c What you compare to in an experiment
  4. d A chemical that changes in the presence of an acid or base
  5. e Result you measure

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  1. 1. Problem
    2. Hypothesis
    3. Experiment
    4. Analyze
    5. Record
  2. Two or more materials mixed together, can tell them apart
  3. Nothing more can be dissolved into a solvent
  4. The attraction between positively charged metal ions and surrounding electrons
  5. What you change in an experiment

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  1. OvergeneralizationDrawing a conclusion based on too little data


  2. Unsaturated SolutionNothing more can be dissolved into a solvent


  3. Illogical ConclusionNothing more can be dissolved into a solvent


  4. NuclideMixture where the particles never settle out


  5. SubstanceA material that has a definite make up, chemically combined


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