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  1. Ionic Chemical Bond
  2. Atomic Number
  3. Physical Property
  4. Scientific Method Steps
  5. Suspension
  1. a 1. Problem
    2. Hypothesis
    3. Experiment
    4. Analyze
    5. Record
  2. b One that can be measured or observed
  3. c Mixture where the particles settle out
  4. d Forms when atoms lose or gain electrons
  5. e Number of protons in an atom

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  1. Material that reacts to become something else
  2. The force that holds a compound together
  3. Number of protons and neutrons in an atom
  4. Change in the appearance or shape in the material, doesn't change the material
  5. Result you measure

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  1. ControlWhat you compare to in an experiment


  2. DensityHow heavy or light something is, how compact it is


  3. Chemical Property ExamplesFlammability, Oxidation, Reaction to acid/base


  4. Covalent Chemical BondWhen atoms share electrons


  5. NeutralizationDrawing a conclusion based on too little data


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