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  1. Colloid
  2. Neutralization Formula
  3. Chemical Change
  4. Supersaturated Solution
  5. Nuclide
  1. a Solvent holds more solute than normal due to higher temperatures
  2. b A radioactive isotope nucleus
  3. c Material that reacts to become something else
  4. d Mixture where the particles never settle out
  5. e Acid + Base = A salt + Water

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  1. How heavy or light something is, how compact it is
  2. What you change in an experiment
  3. Color, Shape, Texture, Melting/Boiling Point, Density
  4. The thing that stays the same in an experiment
  5. The attraction between positively charged metal ions and surrounding electrons

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  1. ControlWhat you compare to in an experiment


  2. Ionic Chemical BondForms when atoms lose or gain electrons


  3. SuspensionHow heavy or light something is, how compact it is


  4. Saturated SolutionMore solute can be dissolved into a solvent


  5. Personal BiasBasing conclusions on inference rather than data


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