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  1. Chemical Property Examples
  2. Atomic Number
  3. Homogenous Mixture
  4. Illogical Conclusion
  5. Physical Change Examples
  1. a Flammability, Oxidation, Reaction to acid/base
  2. b Making an inference that is not supported by data
  3. c Two or more materials evenly mixed together, can't tell them apart
  4. d Number of protons in an atom
  5. e Dissolving, Breaking, Tearing, Coloring, Boiling

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  1. Result you measure
  2. Burning, Corroding, Rusting, Bubbling
  3. What you change in an experiment
  4. How heavy or light something is, how compact it is
  5. Above 7 on pH scale, OH negative ions, Turns red litmus paper blue, Corrosive, Electrolytes, Bitter taste

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  1. SuspensionHow heavy or light something is, how compact it is


  2. ColloidMixture where the particles never settle out


  3. Metallic Chemical BondWhen atoms share electrons


  4. Chemical FormulaThe force that holds a compound together


  5. Saturated SolutionNothing more can be dissolved into a solvent


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