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  1. produced a rich diet that led to high population densities
  2. 1/4
  3. the American victory at New Orleans
  4. fewer yeoman farmers were arriving from Europe
  5. an enemy to be wiped out
  1. a New England Confederation regarded Dutch New Netherland as...
  2. b On the eve of the American Revolution, social and economic mobility decreased, partly because...
  3. c The development of "three sister" farming on the southeast Atlantic seaboard...
  4. d At the peace conference in Ghent, the British began to withdraw many of its earlier demands for all of the following reasons except...
  5. e only about ___ of white southerners owned slaves or belonged to a slaveholding family

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  1. As the civil war began, the south seemed to have the advantage of
  2. after the peninsula campaign union strategy included all of the following except...
  3. Some of the more advanced Native American cultures did all of the following except...
  4. one of the key developments was at Antietam was
  5. The Articles of Confederation left Congress unable to...

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  1. diseaseThe biggest disruptor of Native American life was...


  2. getting smallerThe Land Ordinance of 1785 provided for all of the following except..


  3. giving women the right to voteIn 1848, the Free soil party platform advocated for all except


  4. renewed controversy of slavery, a possible split in the whig and democratic parties, the cession by mexico of large amount of land, a rush of settlers to new american territory in CaliforniaThe Us victory in the Mexican war resulted in


  5. the enforce separation of slave familiesJQA was charged with having struck a "corrupt bargain" when he appointed ___ to become ____.


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