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  1. 1/4
  2. states' rights
  3. antinomianism
  4. the French and Indian War
  5. overspeculation in frontier lands
  1. a The Seven Years' War was also known in America as...
  2. b john c. calhoun's "south carolina exposition" was an argument for
  3. c One of the major causes of the panic of 1819 was...
  4. d only about ___ of white southerners owned slaves or belonged to a slaveholding family
  5. e belief that those whom God had marked for salvation need not obey secular laws

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  1. After the Pequot War, Puritan efforts to convert Indians to Christianity can best be described as...
  2. The Iroquois leader who helped his nation revive its old customs was...
  3. As head of the Dominion of New England, Sir Edmund Andros was all of the following except...
  4. the panic of 1837 was caused by all of the following except
  5. the sign of receipt of God's free gift of saving grace

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  1. an enemy to be wiped outthe section of the US most hurt by the tariff of 1828 was...


  2. Fletcher v. PeckJohn Marshall's rulings upheld a defense of property rights against public pressure in...


  3. its promotion of economic expansion by making credit abundantone of the positive aspects of the bank of the united states was


  4. believers in a strong central governmentThe Jeffersonian Democratic-Republicans presented themselves as all of the following except...


  5. its military alliance, sustained by political and organizational skillsMany of the slaves who reached North America...


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