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  1. would threaten the sectional balance
  2. George Rogers Clark
  3. an unwillingness to subjugate others
  4. grew cotton, eastern factory workers, made machines and textiles
  5. perpetuate itself by its own natural reproduction
  1. a The slave society that developed in North America was one of the few slave societies in history to...
  2. b When the Tallmadge Amendment was passed, the South thought that the amendment...
  3. c The colonists who ultimately embraced the vision of America as an independent nation had in common all of the following characteristics except...
  4. d commanded Patriot troops in the West
  5. e in the new continental economy, each region specialized in a particular economic activity: the South___for export; the West grew grains and livestock to feed___; and the East___for the other two regions

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  1. Bacon's Rebellion was supported mainly by...
  2. one of the positive aspects of the bank of the united states was
  3. the section of the US most hurt by the tariff of 1828 was...
  4. Arrange the following events in chronological order: the founding of (A) New York, (B) Massachusetts Bay, (C) Pennsylvania, (D) Plymouth
  5. Within a century after Columbus's landfall in the New World, the Native American population was reduced by nearly...

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  1. prohibited slavery in the Old NorthwestOne of the most farsighted provisions of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787...


  2. were elevated as special keepers of the nation's conscienceThe most important outcome of the Revolution for white women was that they...


  3. supported the ConfederacyDuring the Civil war, most of the 5 civilized tribes in the Indian territory


  4. antinomianismBy the 1850s, the crusade for womens' rights was eclipsed by...


  5. raise independent individualsBy the 1770s which of the following issues helped bring about a crisis of imperial authority?


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