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  1. gain God's favor by spreading Christianity, escape dubious pasts, seek adventure, and satisfy their desire for gold
  2. a requirement that fugitive slaves be returned from Canada
  3. European governments to give Indians to colonists if they promised to Christianize them
  4. perpetuate itself by its own natural reproduction
  5. would threaten the sectional balance
  1. a Fugitive slave law included all of the following except
  2. b The institution of encomienda allowed the...
  3. c The slave society that developed in North America was one of the few slave societies in history to...
  4. d When the Tallmadge Amendment was passed, the South thought that the amendment...
  5. e Men became conquistadores because they wanted to...

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  1. The Us victory in the Mexican war resulted in
  2. After the Pequot War, Puritan efforts to convert Indians to Christianity can best be described as...
  3. The slave culture that developed in America...
  4. During the Civil war, most of the 5 civilized tribes in the Indian territory
  5. Before the arrival of Columbus, most native peoples in North America...

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  1. the ceding of most of the Iroquois' landThe Treat of Fort Stanwix, the first treaty between the United States and an Indian nation, resulted in...


  2. states' rightsjohn c. calhoun's "south carolina exposition" was an argument for


  3. of the south's emphasis on states' rightsjohn c. calhoun's "south carolina exposition" was an argument for


  4. economythe greatest weakness of the south during the civil war was its


  5. an enemy to be wiped outJohn Marshall's rulings upheld a defense of property rights against public pressure in...


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