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  1. no candidate received a majority of the vote in the EC
  2. keep the Iroquois tribes loyal to the British
  3. was the first of many miniature parliaments to convene in America
  4. giving women the right to vote
  5. higher wages in England reduced the number of emigrating servants, planters feared the growing number of landless freemen in the colonies, the British Royal African company lost its monopoly on the slave trade in colonial America, and Americans rushed to cash in on the slave trade
  1. a The HOR decided the 1824 presidential election when...
  2. b After 1680, reliance of slave labor in colonial America rapidly increased because...
  3. c The immediate purpose of the Albany Congress of 1754 was to...
  4. d In 1848, the Free soil party platform advocated for all except
  5. e The summoning of Virginia's House of Burgesses marked an important precedent because it...

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  1. Bacon's Rebellion was supported mainly by...
  2. by the mid-1800s
  3. Within a century after Columbus's landfall in the New World, the Native American population was reduced by nearly...
  4. commanded Patriot naval forces
  5. As head of the Dominion of New England, Sir Edmund Andros was all of the following except...

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  1. women had no rights as individualsAs the civil war began, the south seemed to have the advantage of


  2. prohibiting slaverybelief that from the moment of creation some souls were "saved" and others "damned"


  3. were originally captured by African coastal tribesMany of the slaves who reached North America...


  4. CBADArrange the following events in chronological order:the founding of (A) Georgia, (B) the Carolinas, (C) Virginia, (D) Maryland


  5. of the south's emphasis on states' rightsjefferson davis did exercise the arbitrary power wielded by lincoln b/c...


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