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  1. American diplomat who negotiated theTreaty of Wanghia with China in 1844
  2. Northern spokesman whose support for the Compromise of 1850 earned him the hatred of abolitionists
  3. American naval commander who opened Japan to the West in 1854
  4. Illinois politician who helped smooth over sectional conflict in 1850, but then reignited it in 1854
  5. Famous conductor on the Underground railroad who rescued more than three hundred slaves from bondage

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  1. Zachary TaylorNew Yorker who supported and signed the Compromise of 1850 after he suddenly became president that same year


  2. William WalkerAmerican proslavery filibusterer who seized control of Nicareagua and made himself president in the 1850's


  3. Franklin PierceWeak Democratic president whose pro-southern cabinet pushed aggressive expansionist schemes


  4. Winfield ScottMilitary hero of the Mexican War who became the whigs' last presidential candidate in 1852


  5. John C. CalhounSouth Carolina senator who fiercely defended southern rights and opposed compromise with the North i the debates of 1850


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