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  1. add-in
  2. If worksheet columns D through E are hidden, the column headings will skip from C to F.
  3. change history
  4. auto fill
  5. What happens if you click the Dialog Box Launcher at the lower-right corner of a group header?
  1. a a supplemental program that can be installed to extend the capabilities of excel by adding custom commands and specialized features
  2. b A dialog box appears displaying additional options
  3. c True
  4. d an excel feature that automatically fills cells with data from another celll or range of cells or completes a data series
  5. e in a shared workbook, information that is maintained about changes made in past editing sessions

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  1. a single media file including art, sound, animation, or movies
  2. True
  3. True
  4. (Group)
  5. a graphical representation of numeric data in a worksheet

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  1. While you can erase the data contained in a worksheet row, you cannot delete the row the active cell


  2. cella single media file including art, sound, animation, or movies


  3. Color scales, icon set, and data bars make up Excel's..preset conditional format options


  4. The Format Painter can copy and paste which the following..formatting


  5. Regardless of the format applied to and displayed in a cell, its true value is shown in the formula bar.formatting


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