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  1. When merging cells, only data in the upper _____ cell will remain
  2. Where does the data you enter into the Excel worksheet appear
  3. You can copy a single cell, a range of cells, or an entire worksheet
  1. a True
  2. b left
  3. c in the active cell

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  1. calculate and analyze numbers based on the numeric values
  2. True
  3. the entire chart and all its elements
  4. order from earliest to most recent date
  5. True

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  1. certificate authoritya trusted third-party entity that issues digital certificates for use by others parties


  2. absolute cell referencea built-in set of filtering capabilities that you can apply to worksheet data


  3. What option in the Move or Copy dialog box must be selected when you are copying a worksheet?A dialog box appears displaying additional options


  4. The _______ Column Width command adjusts a column's width to fit the longest entryFalse


  5. axisa line bordering the chart plot area used as a fram of reference for measurement


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