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  1. meaning separatnessin Afrikaans, a system of division of the country's peoples based upon race and ethnic origin
  2. successor of Nelson Mandela as leader in S.Africa in 2004
  3. Nigeria-the use of state offices as instruments for creating wealth and gain for individuals and their ethnic brethren
  4. rule by domineering and personalistic elite;

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  1. African National CongressSouth Africa-implemented the policies of aprtheid


  2. praetorianisma system in which raw power occupies the pursuits of political leaders and factions and constitutional rulers are manipulated for individual gain


  3. Fourth Republicmilitary stepped aside on may, 29 1999 and allowed for civilian rule to take affect


  4. Boer War1899-1902: British cotrol of S. africa was secured after the defeat of the Dutch


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