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  1. North Atlantic Deep Water
  2. Vein Mineral Deposits
  3. Wavelength
  4. Bias
  5. ozone
  1. a sunlight reacts with waste gases to form
  2. b Dense cold water sinks to the seafloor and forms the lower layers of the ____ ________ ____ _____
  3. c horizantal distance between the crests or troughs of two adjacent waves
  4. d a personal opinion
  5. e mineral deposits left behind that fill in the open spaces created by weaknesses in rock formations

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  1. property of a mineral that shows how it reflects light
  2. consists of fine solids and liquids droplets
  3. deals with morals and values about what is good or bad
  4. its goals include reduction of auto exhaust
  5. chemicals that help plants grow

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  1. Hypothesisan educated guess that can be tested


  2. Controlstandard to which experimental results are compared


  3. Scrubbersulfur dioxide can be removed from smoke by passing it through this


  4. Scientific Lawsa process of observing, studying, and thinking about things to gain knowledge


  5. Mohs Hardness ScaleSCALE invented by Friedrich MOHS to evaluate the HARDNESS of minerals


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