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  1. Acid
  2. ozone
  3. Clean Air Act
  4. Barometer
  5. sulfuric acid
  1. a sunlight reacts with waste gases to form
  2. b an instrument used to measure air pressure
  3. c acid rain is created when emissions from coal burning power plants combine with moisture to form ________ _____
  4. d substance with a pH lower than 7
  5. e its goals include reduction of auto exhaust

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  1. In the US, ____ are responsible for much of the makeup of smog
  2. the property of a mineral that causes it to break with rough or jagged edges
  3. highest part in a wave
  4. the highest tides
  5. salt may be removed from seawater through ____________

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  1. High Tideoocurs when the crest of a wave thousands of miles long approaches the shore


  2. North Atlantic Deep WaterDense cold water sinks to the seafloor and forms the lower layers of the ____ ________ ____ _____


  3. Sewagehuman waste and household materials that go into drains


  4. Heatsurface currents distribute ____ from equatorial regions to other areas of Earth


  5. Safe Drinking Water Actthis law ensures that drinking water is safe


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