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  1. Sugar
  2. Acid
  3. Clean Water Act
  4. Mediterranean Intermediate Water
  5. burning fossil fuels
  1. a substance with a pH lower than 7
  2. b its sets goals for reducing point and nonpoint pollution sources
  3. c when dense water from the Mediteranean reaches the Atlantic, it forms the _________________ ____________ _____
  4. d One cause of air pollution is _________
  5. e Not a mineral (starts with an s)

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  1. observations and experiments
  2. mineral deposits left behind that fill in the open spaces created by weaknesses in rock formations
  3. A mineral may be composed of more than one _______
  4. the highest tides
  5. smog development is affected naturally by ______

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  1. High Tideoocurs when the crest of a wave thousands of miles long approaches the shore


  2. Oresunlight reacts with waste gases to form


  3. Titaniuma durable lightweight metal derived from minerals such as ilmenite or rutile


  4. ozonea combination of smoke and fog


  5. North Atlantic Deep WaterDense cold water sinks to the seafloor and forms the lower layers of the ____ ________ ____ _____


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