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  1. Acid
  2. Scientists use ___________ to find answers to problems
  3. Particulate Matter
  4. Ore
  5. Neap Tides
  1. a observations and experiments
  2. b minerals that can be mined at a profit
  3. c the lowest tides
  4. d substance with a pH lower than 7
  5. e consists of fine solids and liquids droplets

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  1. oocurs when the crest of a wave thousands of miles long approaches the shore
  2. its goals include reduction of auto exhaust
  3. scientists think that water in the oceans is from vapor released by _______ into the atmosphere
  4. the use of scientific discoveries to make products or tools
  5. a measure of the strength of an acid can be obtained using a __ _____

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  1. burning fossil fuelsOne cause of air pollution is _________


  2. sulfuric acidacid rain is created when emissions from coal burning power plants combine with moisture to form ________ _____


  3. Biasvaluable, rare, and beautiful minerals


  4. Dependent Variablea variable that can change in an experiment


  5. profitable and usefula mineral is classified as an ore as long as it is


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