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  1. Silicate
  2. Desalination
  3. cholorflurocarbons
  4. Sewage
  5. Scientists use ___________ to find answers to problems
  1. a salt may be removed from seawater through ____________
  2. b human waste and household materials that go into drains
  3. c minerals containing silicon, oxygen, and one or more other elements
  4. d diplomats from around the world have focused on eliminating the use of __________________
  5. e observations and experiments

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  1. ways to support the clean air act include ________ _____ _______
  2. variables that do not change in an experiment
  3. the density of seawater is affected by temperature and ________
  4. this law ensures that drinking water is safe
  5. study of Earth and Space

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  1. Gemsvaluable, rare, and beautiful minerals


  2. Magmaa combination of smoke and fog


  3. Titaniumdeals with morals and values about what is good or bad


  4. Biasa personal opinion


  5. Minerala naturally occuring inorganic solid with a definite chemical composition and an orderly arrangement of atoms


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