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  1. sinister
  2. pessimistic
  3. conscientious
  4. impartial
  5. intransigence
  1. a not favoring one side more than another; fair
  2. b scrupulous; thorough and careful
  3. c suggesting or leading to evil or harm
  4. d feeling gloomy and hopeless; thinking the worst
  5. e refusal to moderate a position or to compromise

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  1. greatly respected; holy; sacred
  2. ugly; unpleasant to look at
  3. A bold or presumptuous assertion.
  4. secret, concealed; underhanded
  5. self-restrained and withdrawn in speech and manner

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  1. idyllicarrogant and stubborn about one's (often unproven) beliefs


  2. unprecedentedself-restrained and withdrawn in speech and manner


  3. liberalityan inclination to favor progress and individual freedom, generosity, generous act; breadth of mind or outlook


  4. stymiedthwarted; stumped; blocked, create difficulties or delay the movement or progress


  5. doctrinairepure; uncorrupted; clean


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