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  1. counteract
  2. resolute
  3. anomaly
  4. liberality
  5. wary
  1. a cautious
  2. b something different from the norm
  3. c to act directly against; to prevent from affecting
  4. d (adj.) Bold, determined; firm, characterized by a decided purpose
  5. e an inclination to favor progress and individual freedom, generosity, generous act; breadth of mind or outlook

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  1. made or done without previous preparation
  2. A bold or presumptuous assertion.
  3. not favoring one side more than another; fair
  4. suggesting or leading to evil or harm
  5. secret, concealed; underhanded

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  1. unprecedentedself-restrained and withdrawn in speech and manner


  2. conscientiousoffensive, hateful; tending to cause bitterness and resentment


  3. pessimisticfeeling gloomy and hopeless; thinking the worst


  4. eclecticselecting from or made up from a variety of sources


  5. dogmaticarrogant and stubborn about one's (often unproven) beliefs


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