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  1. pretension
  2. autonomous
  3. reserved
  4. resolute
  5. unprecedented
  1. a never done or known before; without previous example
  2. b self-governing, independent
  3. c self-restrained and withdrawn in speech and manner
  4. d A bold or presumptuous assertion.
  5. e (adj.) Bold, determined; firm, characterized by a decided purpose

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  1. ugly; unpleasant to look at
  2. selecting from or made up from a variety of sources
  3. having or exhibiting healing powers
  4. refusal to moderate a position or to compromise
  5. unclear or doubtful in meaning

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  1. doctrinairepure; uncorrupted; clean


  2. fundamentalismLiteral interpretation and strict adherence to basic principles of a religion (or a religious branch, denomination, or sect).


  3. anomalynot proud; modest, one who has humility


  4. counteractto act directly against; to prevent from affecting


  5. hithertoFlawless, without blemish


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