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  1. Chronicles
  2. Exiles
  3. Samaritans
  4. Sea of Reeds
  5. Joseph
  1. a 1st=Babylon attacks Jerusalem but does not destroy them. 2nd=587 bc temple is destroyed. Jerusalem is destroyed
  2. b son of Jacob and Rachel (favorite son); coat of many colors; after years in Egypt, forgave brothers and invited them and Jacob to live with him in Egypt. interpreted dreams of the pharaoh that there was going to be a famine.
  3. c the history of Israel was told again, up through the exile. they retell Israel's history in terms of its meaning in God's unfolding plan. written during the exile.
  4. d crossed by moses and the egyptians. also known as the red sea
  5. e People who lived in the area of israel called Samaria. The Samaritans came from Jews who married non-Jews.

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  1. Returns to Jerusalem with his people and helps rebuild the temple
  2. tells stories about the beginning of the Israelites' life in the Promised Land
  3. a shepherd, a prophet who is said to roar like a lion. angry and rich and priests for no giving to the poor and keeping all the riches for themselves. visionary prophet
  4. a non writing prophet of the northern kingdom, carried on the mission of Elijah and performed many works of wonders and becomes known for his healing power. ex: saved a woman from selling her kids, cures man of leprosy, his dead body brings a dead man back to life
  5. Covenant that says the Messiah will come from the House of David

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  1. rachel and leahthe first man and woman; created from a rib taken from him. Lived in Garden of Eden. god told them not to eat from a tree but they did and got banished. Eve had to experiance cild birth, and adam had to work in the fields. They were also the first humans.


  2. Samson(Old Testament) Hebrew prophet and judge who anointed Saul as king. also anointed david


  3. problem of Greek domination in Judeaat times Greek rulers punished Jews for practicing their religion. The Greek lifestyles and philosophy lured many Jews away from their own traditions and faith


  4. Deuteronomiststhe fulfillment of the old testament. cannot be understood with out understanding the old testament. inspired by god


  5. idolatrythe worship of idols


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