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  1. Sisera
  2. Davidic Covenant
  3. Gideon
  4. hebrew scriptures
  5. Samaritans
  1. a fled and killed with a tent stake by Jael
  2. b Israel's sixth military leader; defeated a vastly superior enemy army with just 300 chosen men. 1 lantern = 10 men so he gave all his men lanterns and the other place fled
  3. c by the end of the first century a.d., this official set of _______ was defined. the dispersion of jews all over the empire spurred the definition of this. Torah, Prophets and Writings.
  4. d People who lived in the area of israel called Samaria. The Samaritans came from Jews who married non-Jews.
  5. e Covenant that says the Messiah will come from the House of David

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  1. Micah, Amos, Hosea, Isaiah...,, messages passed onto us in separate books of the bible which are named for them.
  2. third commandment. rest on this day
  3. An ancient city in Canaan, the first to be captured by the Israelites by marching around the walls
  4. when one spouse has sexual relations with someone outside of the marriage
  5. a non writing prophet of the northern kingdom, carried on the mission of Elijah and performed many works of wonders and becomes known for his healing power. ex: saved a woman from selling her kids, cures man of leprosy, his dead body brings a dead man back to life

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  1. Samsonjudge who got his strength from his hair. killed one thousand men with a jaw bone of an ass. pulled down the pillars to kill philistiens and killed himself. mother= nazerite


  2. Deborahjudge and prophet of the old testament; started a war against the Canaanites


  3. GomerWife of Hosea / Known for her unfaithfulness


  4. creationthe time period of _______ and the earliest stories of humankind appearing in the old testament fall into the category of prehistory.


  5. Nonwriting ProphetNonwriting prophets do not have their own books. Tales about them were probably collected and passed along by their disciples. Among the nonwriting prophets are Samuel, Nathan, Elijah, and Elisha.


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