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Agent that produces anesthesia

Epidural block

Injected just outside the dura in the epidural space


lacking vigor or firmness; flabby


insertion of endotracheal tube


loss of memory


muscular twitching involving contiguous groups of muscle fibers


A registered nurse who has taken a two-year course in anesthesiology and is certified to administer anesthetics and work under supervision of the anesthesiologist

Anesthesia technician

person who assists the anesthesiologist


involves cooling of a part or the entire body


decrease of or insensibility to pain

Nerve block

injection in and around main nerve trunk at a site between operative side and entry of nerve into spinal cord causing blockage of painful stimuli to the brain

Bier block

Intravenous injection of local anesthetic to an extremity below level of tourniquet


used in topical procedures such as removal of warts and noninvasive surface lesions


the absence of essentially all sensation


Drug that counteracts the action of something else

Local infiltration block

Used for dental work, minor surgery or excisions of small lesions

Regional anesthesia

a part of the body is insensitive to pain; caused by and interruption of the sensory nerve pathways that supply the area

Spinal block

used for surgery on lower portion of the body; injected between 3rd and 4th, or 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae


Agent that prevents or relieves nausea and vomiting


removal of endotracheal tube


a medical physician who is specialist in the field of anesthesiology

Topical anesthesia

Directly applied to mucous membrane to produce insensibility to the nerve endings


Limited to one place


Unconscious state due to narcotics

Paravertebral block

Injected into spinal nerves as they emerge through the epidural space

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