Chapter 12 Pinciples of Hair Design - Special Considerations

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Special Considerations

Long Neck

Cover with soft waves; avoid short necklines

Short Neck

Sweep hair up, building height on top; avoid fullness at back of neck

Large Chin

Hair should be shorter or longer than chin.

Small Chin

Move hair up and away from face along chin line

Receding Chin

Direct hair forward in chin area

Prominent Nose

Bring hair forward at the forehead with softness around face.

Small Nose

Sweep hair off face, creating a line from nose to ear

Large Forehead

Use bangs with little or no volume

Receding Forehead

Direct bangs over forehead with an outwardly directed volume

Narrow Forehead

Direct hair away from face at forehead

Wide Forehead

Direct hair forward over the sides of the forehead

Straight Profile

All hairstyles are flattering to this profile

Concave Profile

Hair at nape should be styled softly; with upward movement; don't build hair on forehead.

Convext Profile

Arrange curls or bangs over forehead; keep styles close to head at nape and move forward at jawline

Round Jaw

Use straight lines at the jaw line

Long Jaw

Hair should be full and fall below jaw line

Square Jaw

Use curved lines at the jaw line

Wide Flat Nose

Draw hair away from face; use center part to enlongate

Crooked Nose

Asymmetrical off center styles are best.

Wide Set Eyes

Use half bang to create length; darken hair at sides

Close Set Eyes

Direct hair back and away from face at temples; some height is advisable.

ZigZag Part

Create a dramatic effect

Diagonal Back Part

Used to create the illusion of height or width

Center Part

Usually used for an oval face, but gives an oval illusion to wide and round faces

Side Part

Used to direct hair across top of head and help develop height

Curved Part

Used for a receding hairline or high forehead

Diagonal Part

Gives height to a round or square face

Triangular Part

The basic parting for bang sections

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