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  1. Animal Farm
  2. The Scarlet Letter
  3. Plain Style
  4. Logic
  5. Infer
  1. a Reasoned and reasonable judgment.
  2. b Believe to be the case.
  3. c Speech or writing that is simple, direct, and unambiguous.
  4. d George Orwell
  5. e Nathaniel Hawthorne

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  1. Pertaining to or constituting the subject of a sentence.
  2. Implies or suggests the comparison between the two things without stating it directly.
  3. The quality of something (an act or a piece of writing) that reveals the attitudes and presuppositions of the author.
  4. The pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in a line of poetry.
  5. Thomas Jefferson

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  1. AutobiographyBenjamin Franklin


  2. Word ChoiceUsing words that conjure a certain image in order to accomplish a certain goal.


  3. AllusionA reference to another work of literature, person, or event.


  4. InferenceThe reasoning involved in drawing a conclusion or making a logical judgment on the basis of circumstantial evidence and prior conclusions rather than on the basis of direct observation.


  5. Word ChoiceA repetition of similar sounds in two or more words.


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