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  1. T. Jefferson
  2. Britian weakend and they got revenge
  3. John Locke
  4. persuaded by F
    B's rival
    wanted land
    Captured Strongholds
    got more land
  5. Measure passes declaring independance
  6. we must keep and protect freedom

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  1. Baron de KalbGerman
    took 11 wounds and died


  2. Baron von SteubenGerman
    took 11 wounds and died


  3. Marquis de LafayetteF
    brought clothes
    persuaded others


  4. lose right to governif gov. does not follow inalienable rights


  5. Unalienable rightsrights that gov. cannot take away


  6. Delcaration includesB. Franklin
    J. adams
    T. Jefferson


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