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  1. Aqueous Solution
  2. Surface Tension
  3. Solute
  4. Hydroxide Ion
  5. Base
  1. a A solution in which water is the solvent
  2. b A substance that reduces the hydrogen ion concentration of a solution (H+ Acceptor)
  3. c A water molecule lacking an individual proton (OH-)
  4. d A measure of the capacity of a liquid's surface to resist stretching or breaking.
  5. e The substance that is dissolved in a solution

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  1. The energy of motion
  2. A measure of the total amount of kinetic energy- due to molecular motion- in a body of matter.
  3. A liquid that is a completely homogenous mixture of two or more substances
  4. 6.22 x 10^22 units of a substance
  5. Water-fearing

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  1. HydrophilicWater-loving


  2. Evaporation/VaporizationThe transformation from a liquid to a gas


  3. Hydration ShellA water molecule lacking an individual proton (OH-)


  4. Evaporative CoolingThe cooling of the surface of a liquid during evaporation due to the primary vaporization of molecules with higher levels of kinetic energy (heat).


  5. Hydrogen IonA water molecule lacking an individual proton (OH-)


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