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  1. O:anterior head:inferior ramus of pubis
    Posterior head:Ischial tuberosity and ramus of ischium
    I:anterior head:linea aspera
    Posterior head:add. tubercle of femur
    A:add. of femur @ hip
    ant. head:assists flexion, med. rot. of femur @ hip
    Post. head:assists ext. lat. rot. of femur @ hip
  2. O:Ant. pubis
    I:middle 1/3 of linea aspera
    A:add. assists flexion of femur @ hip
  3. O:a.i.i.s, upper rim of the acetabulum
    I:patellar, tibial tuberosity via tendon
    A:ext. of knee, flexion of the hip
  4. O:between sup. and middle gluteal line
    I:Greater trochanter of femur
    A:Abd. med. rot. of femur

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  1. Vastus medialisO:ant. lat. femoral shaft
    I:patella, tibial tuberosity via patellar tendon
    A:ext. of knee


  2. Vastus lateralisO:greater trochanter, linea aspera
    I:patella, tibial tuberosity via tendon
    A:ext. of knee


  3. Semimembranosis and SemitendonosisO:ischial tuberosity
    I:med. condyle of tibia
    A:ext. of hip, Flexion of knee


  4. GracilisO:inferior Ramus of ant. pubis
    I:medial proximal tibia
    A:add. of femur @ hip, asists flexion, med. rot. of flexed knee


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