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  1. Good Peter the Great
  2. What makes wife number 6 the most important?
  3. Who was wife number 5 and what was her fate?
  4. How does Henry demonstrate Absolute power with Wife 4?
  5. In what ways does marrying Catherine of Aragon (wife1) benefit Henry and/or England?
  1. a Katherine Howard (cousin of Anne Boleyn) was beheaded for unfaithfulness in 1542.
  2. b Wife number 6, named Katherine Parr, was the most important of Henry's wives. She was married 2 times before and she was educated and wise. The reason why she is most important of Henry's wives is because just before Henry's death, she persuades him to make Mary and Elizabeth legit heirs.
  3. c Her parents are Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain which gives Henry connections.
  4. d Learned about western civilization:
    --better army-->war w/ sweden-->territorial gain/sea
    Westernization=Russia prospers--> Peter THE GREAT :)
  5. e Wife 4, named Anne (of Cleves) was arranged by Thomas Cromwell. Henry demonstrates absolute power by annulling the marriage, adopting her as a sister, and executing Cromwell, all because of her lack of beauty.

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  1. His third wife is Jane Seymour, who dies after giving birth to a SON! (Edward) She was his favorite wife and was later buried with her (even after having other wives, too) lol
  2. Financial problems: he became involved in wars to defend Catholicism but it drained Spain's treasury
    Treated dutch harsh, taxed trade heavily, persecuted calvinists=Dutch Revolt
    -Spanish Industry declines
  3. Encouraged religious tolerance and legal reform
    Acquired Silesia making Prussia a world power
  4. 10 years old at reign, dies at 16!!!!
    (His uncle helped him-- regent)
  5. Queen for 9 days

5 True/False Questions

  1. Mary IShe is Catholic, so she burns 300 protestant leaders at the stake, getting the nickname "Bloody Mary". Mary married Phillip II, and dies childless, and then Phillip II goes back to Spain.


  2. As an Absolute monarch AND now the head of the church in England, what can Henry do now?Katherine Howard (cousin of Anne Boleyn) was beheaded for unfaithfulness in 1542.


  3. Good Louis XIV-Even though the Palace of Versailles symbolized his power as an Absolute Monarch, it strained the French Economy
    -Took away the Edict of Nantes--> weakened France


  4. Bad Maria Theresa ????She inherited territories such as the germans, Hungarians, Italians,etc... so there were conflicts of language and religion
    -She did nothing to solve those conflicts



  5. Elizabeth 110 years old at reign, dies at 16!!!!
    (His uncle helped him-- regent)


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