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  1. How does Henry reform the church?
  2. Good Henry IV
  3. What is the legacy of Elizabeth I?
  4. Good Catherine " "
  5. Who was wife number 5 and what was her fate?
  1. a Gained black sea, poland, expanded into central europe
  2. b -Make's france strong, united, and peaceful by converting from Protestantism to Catholicism
    -Edict of Nantes: ended religious conflict and civil wars
    -Duke of Sully-Treasurer
  3. c "Elizabethan Age"- peace, prosperity
    Englands greatest ruler- settled religious disputes
    Allowed private religious tolerance
    Exploration: Granted Sir Walter Raleigh the right to establish colony in North America
  4. d Katherine Howard (cousin of Anne Boleyn) was beheaded for unfaithfulness in 1542.
  5. e Henry breaks from the Catholic Church, declaring himself the head of the church in England. He makes everyone swear Act of Supremacy (accepting Henry's leading role as head of Church).

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  1. -Even though the Palace of Versailles symbolized his power as an Absolute Monarch, it strained the French Economy
    -Took away the Edict of Nantes--> weakened France
  2. When Anne gives birth to a girl (Mary) and miscarries two boys, Henry beheads Anne (instead of a divorce) because she allegedly had 4 affairs and Incest with her brother. That makes the daughter of Anne illegitimate.
  3. 10 years old at reign, dies at 16!!!!
    (His uncle helped him-- regent)
  4. Learned about western civilization:
    --better army-->war w/ sweden-->territorial gain/sea
    Westernization=Russia prospers--> Peter THE GREAT :)
  5. Demonstrated his power as an Absolute Monarch by changing England's religious ways in order to divorce his wife so he could have sons to follow him to throne
    -The Pope declares him "Defender of the Faith"
    -He wrote "In defense of the 7 sacraments"

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  1. Who follow's Mary I to the throne?Because Mary I died childless, Elizabeth I followed her to throne.


  2. What inspires Henry to reform the church?Henry wants the Pope to allow him to divorce from Catherine (who is unable to birth a son, only a girl [henry needs an heir]). At this time, the pope is in no position to grant him this wish for he is being held hostage by Catherine's nephew, Charles V (HRE). Henry 'separates' from Catherine since the pope can't reply (and won't allow it).


  3. Bad Charles V-continuous wars drained spain's financial and human resources
    -scattered empire


  4. Good Frederick William IEncouraged religious tolerance and legal reform
    Acquired Silesia making Prussia a world power


  5. As an Absolute monarch AND now the head of the church in England, what can Henry do now?Katherine Howard (cousin of Anne Boleyn) was beheaded for unfaithfulness in 1542.


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