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  1. Good Catherine " "
  2. Good Frederick William I
  3. Good Henry IV
  4. As an Absolute monarch AND now the head of the church in England, what can Henry do now?
  5. Bad Charles V
  1. a Strengthened PRussia with saved money and doubled size of army with efficiency
    -efficient government bureaucracy
  2. b -continuous wars drained spain's financial and human resources
    -scattered empire
  3. c Gained black sea, poland, expanded into central europe
  4. d -Make's france strong, united, and peaceful by converting from Protestantism to Catholicism
    -Edict of Nantes: ended religious conflict and civil wars
    -Duke of Sully-Treasurer
  5. e He can divorce Catherine and re-marry someone who will provide a son (heir)!

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  1. She is Catholic, so she burns 300 protestant leaders at the stake, getting the nickname "Bloody Mary". Mary married Phillip II, and dies childless, and then Phillip II goes back to Spain.
  2. -The 7 yEars war didn't change the territorial situation
  3. When Anne gives birth to a girl (Mary) and miscarries two boys, Henry beheads Anne (instead of a divorce) because she allegedly had 4 affairs and Incest with her brother. That makes the daughter of Anne illegitimate.
  4. His third wife is Jane Seymour, who dies after giving birth to a SON! (Edward) She was his favorite wife and was later buried with her (even after having other wives, too) lol
  5. She inherited territories such as the germans, Hungarians, Italians,etc... so there were conflicts of language and religion
    -She did nothing to solve those conflicts


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  1. Edward VI10 years old at reign, dies at 16!!!!
    (His uncle helped him-- regent)


  2. bad Catherine " "Westernized only half of russia, creating a gap... one half is different than the other


  3. Bad Louis XIV-Even though the Palace of Versailles symbolized his power as an Absolute Monarch, it strained the French Economy
    -Took away the Edict of Nantes--> weakened France


  4. How does Henry (once again) demonstrate Absolute power even after saying everyone in england has to swear to the Act of Supremacy?He closes all monasteries in England and beheads his friend, Thomas Moore, who won't sign the Act of Supremacy.


  5. Henry VIIDemonstrated his power as an Absolute Monarch by changing England's religious ways in order to divorce his wife so he could have sons to follow him to throne
    -The Pope declares him "Defender of the Faith"
    -He wrote "In defense of the 7 sacraments"


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