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  1. what are the three components of a composition?
  2. pattern
  3. Elements of design
  4. texture
  5. Space
  1. a combo of lines, colors, and shapes to show real/imaginary things
  2. b indicates area in a drawing & or feeling of depth in 2D work
  3. c surface quality, there or implied
  4. d 1 Positive shapes
    2 Negative shapes
    3 edge of the paper
  5. e visual features of a work of art

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  1. difference in value, colors, textures, & other elements
  2. could be 2D or 3D or implied (the edge of a shape or form)
  3. pressure on pencil
  4. the name of a color
  5. relates to the sense of oneness or wholeness in work

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  1. Shape & form3D medium to create darkened areas makes feeling of space & depth +black


  2. Principles of designguide lines that artists and designers observe when they put the elements to work.


  3. Primary colorsorange green purple


  4. radial balanceequalization of elements (symmetrical, asymmetrical, radial)


  5. secondary colorsorange green purple


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