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  1. line
  2. balance
  3. value
  4. complementary colors
  5. contrast
  1. a difference in value, colors, textures, & other elements
  2. b equalization of elements (symmetrical, asymmetrical, radial)
  3. c related light & dark/shade
  4. d could be 2D or 3D or implied (the edge of a shape or form)
  5. e opposites; blue&orange/Red&green/purple&yellow

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. 2D of enclosed, geometric or organic
  2. area around the object and solid space
  3. related to the brightness & dullness of a color
  4. 1 Positive shapes
    2 Negative shapes
    3 edge of the paper
  5. red blue yellow (pigments)

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  1. Positive spacearea around the object and solid space


  2. Elements of designvisual features of a work of art


  3. picture planethe objects in a work of art, not background or space


  4. tintshow many ways you can change the color
    + white


  5. symmetrical balancetwo sides different but somehow is balanced


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