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  1. vagus 10
  2. spastic dysphonia
  3. 5 yr old with mulitple speech path errors tx goal
  4. 7 Extrinsic Laryngeal Muscles
  5. Infant known to have a hearing loss
  1. a aphonic breaks due to sudden over adduction or underadduction of the vocal folds
  2. b delineate phonological processes in operation and address them through minimal contrast pairs
  3. c Parents are in the best position to provide consistent auditory stimulation and such stimulation is what the infant needs to develop awareness of sound
  4. d senses aortis blood pressure/slows heart rate/stimulates digestive organs/taste,motor intervention to the larynx and velum
  5. e Digastric, Stylohyoid,Mylohyoid,Geniohyoid,Hypoglossus, Genioglossus, Thropharyngeus

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  1. will serve to lengthen the vocal folds, allowing them to vibrate at a lower frequency. ex effective in remediating a falsetto voice for an adult male with a severe bilateral hearing loss
  2. is a symptom of coordination problems-clumsy or awkward movements and unsteadiness and occurs in many different diseases and condtions.
  3. individuals diagnosed with having hemifacial microsomia are also most likely to have this
  4. is an indicator of possible contact ulcers
  5. visuospatial disorgainzation,an inablitiy to initiate interactions,unilateral neglect,and lack of facial expression

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  1. 7 Intrinsic Laryngeal MusclesDigastric, Stylohyoid,Mylohyoid,Geniohyoid,Hypoglossus, Genioglossus, Thropharyngeus


  2. Flaccid dysarthriais a motor speech disorder resulting from neurological injury, characterized by poor articulation


  3. dysphoniaphonation disorder/dysphonic voice can be hoarse or weak, or excessively breathy, harsh, or rough, but some kind of phonation is still possible/


  4. Cognitive therapy for stutteringfocuses on changing faulty beliefs about self-control and the perceived benefits of stuttering


  5. Structured play to address short term goalsToddlers and preschoolers respond better to games and play activities than structured exercises so use....


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