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  1. cricothyroid
  2. Flaccid Dysarthria
  3. Hoarse voice,hard glottal attacks,lowering of pitch
  4. The effectiveness of tx can be best demonstrated by
  5. Goal for Layrngectomy patient
  1. a is most frequently associated with significant dysphagia
  2. b Vocal Nodules
  3. c restoration of oral communication
  4. d Single-subject design
  5. e control over the fundamental freq of the laryngeal tone

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  1. helps trigger the swallow reflex
  2. Muscle that has the greatest control over teh fundamental frequency of the laryngeal tone by lengthening or tensing the vocal folds
  3. brain deprived from oxygen-memory issues
  4. controls tongue movements
  5. are used to link sentences together in a clear and logical manner. synonyms,transition words, enumeration

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  1. Behaviorist Interpretationstimulus-response-view of all behavior
    classical conditioning explains word meaning acquisiton(new meanings to old stimuli)
    Watsons research on Little Albert


  2. following medialization throplastyneed to produce hard glottal attack


  3. Glottal fry is a symptom ofis an indicator of possible contact ulcers


  4. Anoxic Encephalopathybrain damage caused by lack of oxygen that leads to global impairments of memory


  5. In deciding wheter the child is developmentally non fluent or is stuttering, the SLP will determineeffects overall language development


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