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  1. Laryngeal Cartliages
  2. 5 yr old with mulitple speech path errors tx goal
  3. The basic reason for using standardized or normative instruments for assessing language and speech function
  4. Syntactic Complexity
  5. Interjudge reliability
  1. a delineate phonological processes in operation and address them through minimal contrast pairs
  2. b a clients behavior is most usefully compared to what is normal for a person in that age range
  3. c is one whose results are replicable even if different people admininster the test
  4. d is determined by the number of transformational rules that are applied to a given sentence
  5. e Thyroid,Cricoid,Epiglottis,Arytenoids(2),Corniculate(2), Cuneiform(2)

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  1. brain damage caused by lack of oxygen that leads to global impairments of memory
  2. tinnitus and temporary threshold shift in the higher frequencies
  3. by children in an order that is determined by their semantic and syntactic complexity
  4. controls tongue movements
  5. control over the fundamental freq of the laryngeal tone

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  1. Structured play to address short term goalsis a basic component of an evaluation of hearing function. It is measured in decibles and corresponds to the intensity level at which spondaic words can be recognized approx 50% of the time


  2. In deciding wheter the child is developmentally non fluent or is stuttering, the SLP will determineCVA


  3. Friedreichs ataxiainclude deficits related to the ability to recognize the adequacy of ones verbal production


  4. The most serious limitiation of employing imitation as an intervention strategy for children with a language impairmentVocal Nodules


  5. Leading cause of neuroligical speech and language disorders in adultsare likely to exhibit the greatest deficits in production of sentences with appropriate inflectional morphology and syntax


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