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  1. valleculae
  2. The effectiveness of tx can be best demonstrated by
  3. Perturbation
  4. Flaccid paralysis of the soft palate
  5. Stroboscopy
  1. a Single-subject design
  2. b are depressions that lie lateral to the median epiglottal folds
  3. c is a disturbance in the quality of the laryngeal tone, or fundamental frequency. Fundamental frequency=Fo
  4. d is the best measure of viewing the vocal folds during phonation
  5. e referal for a construction of a palatal lift appliance is appropriate

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  1. adducts the vocal folds
  2. is when there is thick or sticky fluid behind the eardrum in the middle ear, with no infection
  3. restoration of oral communication
  4. contrast alveoloar stops with velar stops in meaningful word pairs
  5. refers to peaks in the harmonic spectrum of complex sound

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  1. emotional prosodywhispered speech
    vocal folds DO NOT vibrate during whispered speech


  2. olfactory 1smell


  3. trochlear 4turns eye downward and laterally


  4. Tx of Apraxia of Speechdevelopement of phonation thru coughing or throat clearing


  5. Speech Reception Thresholda graphic or photographic representation of a spectrum


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