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  1. Children with brain injuries
  2. following medialization throplasty
  3. a correct response rate of 51 percent on a 2 choice picture pointing task would most likely indicate ...
  4. Tx of Apraxia of Speech
  5. Cohesive devices
  1. a auditory-visual stimulation,oral motor repetition,and phonetic placement
  2. b a random pointing response
  3. c have greated problem managing their deficits
  4. d need to produce hard glottal attack
  5. e are used to link sentences together in a clear and logical manner. synonyms,transition words, enumeration

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  1. brain damage caused by lack of oxygen that leads to global impairments of memory
  2. interpretation of auditory input and would thus teach a client to discriminate speech sounds
  3. is a disturbance in the quality of the laryngeal tone, or fundamental frequency. Fundamental frequency=Fo
  4. contrast alveoloar stops with velar stops in meaningful word pairs
  5. controls trapezius & sternocleidomastoid/controlls swallowing movements

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  1. agent vs subjectcontrol over the fundamental frequency of laryngeal tone


  2. Eustachian Tube Dysfunctionis most frequently associated with significant dysphagia


  3. Formantfacial expressions secretion of tears and saliva and taste


  4. Hearing loss in infants born with a cleft palate is usually related to what?Eustachian tube dysfunction


  5. Laryngeal Cartliagesa person may lose the use of the voice and may even become aphonic during this episode


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