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  1. hypoglossal 12
  2. For a test of expressive morphology and syntax for speakers of african american vernacular english, test item that would be considered LEAST biased against such speakers would be one requiring
  3. Facilitation process
  4. cricothyroid
  5. Waveform
  1. a controls tongue movements
  2. b control over the fundamental freq of the laryngeal tone
  3. c is an image tat represents an audio signal or recording.It shows the changes in amplitude over a certain amount of time. The amplitude of the signal is measured on the y-axis(vertically) while time is measured on the x-axis(horizontally)
  4. d agreement of personal pronouns with their antecedents in gender and number
  5. e is best described by exploitation of available repertoire and metalinguisteic activities-incorporating new materal into the total existing language system

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  1. difficulty in the appropriate coordination of the motor movements required to produce well formed speech sounds.
  2. is the expression of feelings using prosodic elements of speech. Charles Darwin
  3. adducts the vocal folds
  4. symptoms include-articulation characterised by groping, inconsistency, and errors of sound and syllable sequencing
  5. is the best measure of viewing the vocal folds during phonation

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  1. Ventricular Phonationis a disturbance in the quality of the laryngeal tone, or fundamental frequency. Fundamental frequency=Fo


  2. Athetosis-Cerebal Palsybrain deprived from oxygen-memory issues


  3. Syntactic Complexityaphonic breaks due to sudden over adduction or underadduction of the vocal folds


  4. Overshooting or undershooting of an actionindicative of cerebellar involvement


  5. spec tro grama graphic or photographic representation of a spectrum


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