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  1. Symptoms of Hyperabduction
  2. Williams Syndrome
  3. Structured play to address short term goals
  4. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
  5. Ataxia
  1. a delayed speech,developementally delayed,feeding problems,ADD,Learning disorders,Inward bend of little finger(clinlodactyly),mental retardation,very friendly,trusting strangers,fearing loud noises or physical contact and being interested in music, shorter than other members of the family,sunken chest,flat nasal bridge,long ridges on btwn nose and lip,prominent lips with open mouth,skin covering inner corner of the eye,missing teeth, enamel problems and widely spaced teeth
  2. b is nearly universal in cleft palate patients
  3. c is a symptom of coordination problems-clumsy or awkward movements and unsteadiness and occurs in many different diseases and condtions.
  4. d weak breathy and or hoarse voice,decreased volume,excessive air escaping through the larynx during speech,phonation breaks,effortful phonation,vocal fatigue, short maximum phonation time
  5. e Toddlers and preschoolers respond better to games and play activities than structured exercises so use....

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  1. The client uses the targeted skill in the presence of stimulus conditions not present during the training process and in the absence of reinforcement
  2. facial expressions secretion of tears and saliva and taste
  3. senses aortis blood pressure/slows heart rate/stimulates digestive organs/taste,motor intervention to the larynx and velum
  4. is determined by the number of transformational rules that are applied to a given sentence
  5. refer to the instance of phonemes in the actual utterances-physical segment

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  1. Perturbationis a disturbance in the quality of the laryngeal tone, or fundamental frequency. Fundamental frequency=Fo


  2. Why u dont use chronological age as a performance criterion for a child with Downs Syndromeusing chronological age would make the childs language disorders seem more pronounced(overidentify)


  3. Whispered speechis a spcific form of muscle tension dysphonia characterised by excessive adduction or coming together of the vocal folds. Habitual use of a hyperadductive phonatory pattern can lead to the developement of vocal fold pathologies such as nodules or polyps


  4. a SOAP, subjective objective assessment planis a basic component of an evaluation of hearing function. It is measured in decibles and corresponds to the intensity level at which spondaic words can be recognized approx 50% of the time


  5. Laryngeal Cartliagesconsonant-vowel combinations called canonical syllables begin to appear in a childs babbling(baaa, dadada, goo)


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