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  1. Dysarthria
  2. 7 Intrinsic Laryngeal Muscles
  3. Hyperadduction of the vocal fold tx
  4. Tx of aphonia
  5. auditory 8
  1. a Cricothyroid, Cricoarytenoid(lateral), Cricoarytenoid(posterior), Arytenoid, Thyroarytenoid,Aryepiglottis, Thyroepiglottis
  2. b hearing equillibrium sensation
  3. c have the client use light and gentle vocal fold contacts will help reduce tension and be effective
  4. d developement of phonation thru coughing or throat clearing
  5. e is a motor speech disorder resulting from neurological injury, characterized by poor articulation

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  1. referal for a construction of a palatal lift appliance is appropriate
  2. a clients behavior is most usefully compared to what is normal for a person in that age range
  3. facial expressions secretion of tears and saliva and taste
  4. Noam Chomsky most famous language nativist-child does not need to learn what al human languages have in common(UG);only needs to learn what is unique to his or her specific language
    principles(innate) and parameters(acquired quickly)
    Language acquisitions device(LAD)
    innate ability to acquire language
    The Nativist Perspective in Review-we have not ruled out the nativist basis contention, which is that human beings are born with an innate capacity for language.
  5. is a unit of meaning. Unhappiest-equals 3 morphemes

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  1. valleculaesenses aortis blood pressure/slows heart rate/stimulates digestive organs/taste,motor intervention to the larynx and velum


  2. 2 language acquisition viewscries, coughs, hiccups, which are related to the babys physical state


  3. The most serious limitiation of employing imitation as an intervention strategy for children with a language impairmenteffects overall language development


  4. The effectiveness of tx can be best demonstrated bySingle-subject design


  5. Infant known to have a hearing lossParents are in the best position to provide consistent auditory stimulation and such stimulation is what the infant needs to develop awareness of sound


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