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  1. Canonical babbling
  2. Hearing loss in infants born with a cleft palate is usually related to what?
  3. 7 Extrinsic Laryngeal Muscles
  4. valleculae
  5. Cognitive therapy for stuttering
  1. a Eustachian tube dysfunction
  2. b consonant-vowel combinations called canonical syllables begin to appear in a childs babbling(baaa, dadada, goo)
  3. c focuses on changing faulty beliefs about self-control and the perceived benefits of stuttering
  4. d are depressions that lie lateral to the median epiglottal folds
  5. e Digastric, Stylohyoid,Mylohyoid,Geniohyoid,Hypoglossus, Genioglossus, Thropharyngeus

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  1. child is likely to have chewing, eating and swallowing issues with this
  2. smell
  3. shows changes when intervention is applied.Single subject design using ABAB or ABA design is the best method to determine whether the intervention has succeeded
  4. generally is the most efficient and effective instrumentation for viewing the vocal folds during phonation
  5. adducts the vocal folds

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  1. Symptoms of Hyperabductionweak breathy and or hoarse voice,decreased volume,excessive air escaping through the larynx during speech,phonation breaks,effortful phonation,vocal fatigue, short maximum phonation time


  2. Ataxiais a symptom of coordination problems-clumsy or awkward movements and unsteadiness and occurs in many different diseases and condtions.


  3. Right Hemisphere traumatic brain injuryvisuospatial disorgainzation,an inablitiy to initiate interactions,unilateral neglect,and lack of facial expression


  4. A clinician who employs active listeningresponds to both the content and the affect of a clients remarks


  5. emotional prosodyrefers to intonation and vocal stress in speech


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