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  1. a fine, rich, wind-born soil left by glaciers and make the Northern European Plain fertile
  2. This sea separates Africa and Europe
  3. narrow, steep-sided inlets common in Scandinavia
  4. Term for the nation made up of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland
  5. the elevation above which trees cannot grow
  6. largest mountain range in Europe

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  1. Jutland PeninsulaPeninsula in the North Sea, includes Denmark


  2. Ural MountainsMountains that form the boundary between Europe and Asia


  3. RhineLong and economically important river running north from the Alps through Germany and the Netherlands


  4. permafrostland below sea level that has been reclaimed by dikes


  5. Balkan PeninsulaPeninsula including Spain and Portugal


  6. ScandinaviaName for the region that includes Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark


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