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study of heredity


the process where traits are passed from one generation to the next

inherited trait

a characteristic that is passed from parent to offspring


a segment of DNA on a chromosome that codes for a specific trait


deoxyribonucleic acid; genetic formation in a double-helix; made of genes


a threadlike strand of DNA carries the genes containing the genetic information

dominant trait

a trait that appears even if an organism has only one factor for the trait

recessive trait

a trait that appears only if an organism has two factors for the trait, masked by the dominant trait.

Punnett Square

chart that shows possible gene combinations


different forms of a gene

asexual reproduction

the production of offspring from one parent

sexual reproduction

the production of offspring from two different parents

acquired trait

characteristic that an organism develops after it is born


physical characteristics of an organism


genetic make-up of an organism

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