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  1. unanimous
  2. bicycle
  3. cancelling
  4. gaze
  5. manual
  1. a incomplete agreement
  2. b of or relating to the hands; requiring human effort
  3. c a long, fixed look
  4. d postponing indefinitely
  5. e a vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

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  1. a daughter of your brother or sister
  2. to become aware of through the sense
  3. envious; desirous of another's advantages
  4. agreement; harmony
  5. for a limited time only

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  1. representativesspokespeople or advocates


  2. liabilitythe state of being obliged and responsible


  3. glimpseglance; a quick look


  4. inconveniencedtroubled; caused discomfort to


  5. wretcheddeplorable; miserable


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