Vocabulary for Achievement Lesson 11/12

20 terms by mrmeileclass

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Vocab Study cards for chapters 11/12

admonish (admonished, admonition, admonishment)

(v) a. To criticize mildly
b. To warn or advise against something; to caution

alienate (alienation)

(v) To cause a person to become distant, unfriendly, or hostile; to lose the friendship or support of

censure (censured)

(n) a. An expression of harsh criticism
(v) b. To criticize severely

detriment (detrimental)

(adj) Damage; harm; something that causes damage or harm

imperil (imperiled)

(v) To endanger

incapacitate (incapacitation)

(n) To disable; to deprive of power or ability


(adj) Causing injury or damage

malign (malignant)

(v) a. To speak evil of; to slander
(adj) b. Evil; harmful

scoff (scoffed)

(v) To make fun of; to mock; to ridicule

subvert (subversion)

(v) To undermine, weaken, or destroy an established institution


(adj) a. Wrong; faulty; out of proper order
(adv) b. In a bad, defective, or improper way

bewilderment (bewilder)

(n) The state of being puzzled or confused

blunder (blundered)

(n) a. A foolish or careless mistake
(v) b. To move in a clumsy way


(adj) Wrong; mistaken; false

fallible (fallibility)

(adj) Able to be mistaken, wrong, or in error

faux pas

(n) A minor social error that may cause embarrassment

flustered (fluster)

(adj) Nervous and confused

miscalculation (miscalculate, miscalculated)

(n) a. An error in math or in estimation
b. A bad judgement

misinterpret (misinterpretation, misinterpretated)

(v) To understand incorrectly


(n) A difficult or unpleasant situation

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