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  1. familiaris
  2. calco
  3. invidia
  4. veho
  5. se recipere
  1. a -ae f, ill will, hatred, outrage
  2. b to return, go back
  3. c -is -e, intimate, friendly, (substantive:) close friend
  4. d vehere vexi vectus, to carry, convey (in passive, to ride)
  5. e are avi atus, to trample, crush with the feet

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  1. -a -um, known, well-known
  2. -i n, consolation, relief
  3. ostendere ostendi ostentus, to show, point out
  4. -orum n pl, rostra
  5. agminis n, line of march, column

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  1. expeditus-a -um, unhampered, traveling light


  2. lateoare avi, to burn, blaze up


  3. oriororiri ortus sum, to arise, to begin


  4. alloquoralloqui allocutus sum, to address, speak to


  5. traicioare avi atus, to trample, crush with the feet


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