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  1. posterus
  2. cadaver
  3. plebs
  4. rixam committere
  5. augeo
  1. a plebis f, plebeians, common people
  2. b to begin a quarrel
  3. c cadaveris n, corpse, body
  4. d aug─ôre auxi auctus, to increase, magnify
  5. e -a -um, next, following

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  1. -orum n pl, rostra
  2. -i, n. town
  3. vehere vexi vectus, to carry, convey (in passive, to ride)
  4. -is -e, intimate, friendly, (substantive:) close friend
  5. alloqui allocutus sum, to address, speak to

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  1. expeditus-a -um, unhampered, traveling light


  2. circaare avi atus, to trample, crush with the feet


  3. flagroflaminis m, priest


  4. calcoare avi atus, to trample, crush with the feet


  5. se recipere-i, n. town


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