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  1. augeo
  2. calco
  3. subsellium
  4. studeo
  5. circa
  1. a (prep+acc) around, about
  2. b -i n, bench
  3. c augēre auxi auctus, to increase, magnify
  4. d are avi atus, to trample, crush with the feet
  5. e studēre, studui +dat, to be eager for, support

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  1. are avi, to burn, blaze up
  2. alloqui allocutus sum, to address, speak to
  3. -a -um, next, following
  4. ostendere ostendi ostentus, to show, point out
  5. latēre latui, to lie in hiding

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  1. solacium-i n, consolation, relief


  2. traiciotraicere traieci traiectus, to throw through, pierce


  3. nonus-a -um, known, well-known


  4. exturboare avi atus, to force out, drag out


  5. rixam committereto return, go back


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