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  1. notus
  2. calco
  3. circa
  4. rixam committere
  5. expeditus
  1. a (prep+acc) around, about
  2. b -a -um, known, well-known
  3. c -a -um, unhampered, traveling light
  4. d to begin a quarrel
  5. e are avi atus, to trample, crush with the feet

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. confluere, confluxi, to flow together, to gather
  2. latēre latui, to lie in hiding
  3. vehere vexi vectus, to carry, convey (in passive, to ride)
  4. -a -um, ninth
  5. oriri ortus sum, to arise, to begin

5 True/False Questions

  1. flamenflaminis m, priest


  2. se recipereto return, go back


  3. rostra-a -um, next, following


  4. municipium-i, n. town


  5. amburoamburere ambussi ambustus, to scorch, burn


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