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  1. Disparity
  2. deterrent
  3. Abdicate
  4. Civic Virtue
  5. Precedent
  1. a Citizens take an interest in their community, society, and themselves
  2. b having the ability to keep enemies away
  3. c to give up or renounce (authority, duties, an office, etc.), esp. in a voluntary, public, or formal manner
  4. d a legal decision serving as a pattern in following cases
  5. e great inequality

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  1. Shared power between the states and the federal government
  2. Spanish Navy
  3. having two groups of a law making body
  4. written request signed by many people demanding action
  5. to refuse to take a case

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  1. Armisticekept secret


  2. Esotericbudget cuts


  3. Bipartisangreat inequality


  4. Habeas Corpuscan't be jailed without charge


  5. Extraditionwhen someone accused of a crime is transported to another country


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