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  1. immolate
  2. harbinger
  3. idiosyncrasy
  4. hallow
  5. heterogeneous
  1. a an omen or sign
  2. b a peculiar personality trait
  3. c to make holy; holy
  4. d different; dissimilar
  5. e to kill someone as a sacrificial victim, usually by fire

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  1. excessive or blind adoration; worship of an object
  2. a clown
  3. anything of mixed origin; mixed, assorted
  4. to pierce with a sharp stake through the body
  5. unchangeable, fixed

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  1. hospicea shelter


  2. imperativeextremely necessary; vitally important


  3. hegirato bully; to pester


  4. impedimenta barrier; obstruction


  5. hiatusa pause or gap


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