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  1. impalpable
  2. hedonism
  3. immolate
  4. imminent
  5. impair
  1. a to kill someone as a sacrificial victim, usually by fire
  2. b pursuit of pleasure, especially of the senses
  3. c unable to be felt, intangible
  4. d likely to happen; threatening
  5. e to weaken; to cause to become worse

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  1. excessive pride or self-confidence
  2. to persistently ask; to beg
  3. excessive or blind adoration; worship of an object
  4. disrespectful toward God
  5. extremely necessary; vitally important

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  1. halcyoncalm, pleasant


  2. hiatusa pause or gap


  3. immutableunable to be felt, intangible


  4. hoi polloicommon people; the masses


  5. harlequincalm, pleasant


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