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  1. cow
  2. Brahman
  3. meditation
  4. nirvana
  5. sudras
  1. a The Buddhist belief of the extinction of desire and individual consciousness, also spiritual enlightenment
  2. b practice of quiet reflection to clear the mind and find inner peace
  3. c In Hinduism, the single supreme force or reality of the universe
  4. d one of the most sacred animals for the Hindus
  5. e caste that made up most of the Indian population; most were peasants and manual laborers; they had limited rights in society

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  1. the moral law combined with spiritual discipline that guides one's life; the order of the universe
  2. A strong wind that brings heavy rain to southern Asia in the summer
  3. One of the most holy natural features of the Indian landscape for Hindus.
  4. a Hindu prince or king in India
  5. a Hindu or Buddhist religious leader and spiritual teacher

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  1. VedasAncient Sanskrit writings that are the earliest sacred texts of Hinduism.


  2. untouchablesalso called pariahs, lowest level of the Indian society; not considered a part of the caste system; did degrading jobs


  3. subsistence farmingFarming that provides only enough for the needs of a family or a village


  4. samsarathe Hindu cycle of death and rebirth


  5. subcontinenta state of perfect wisdom in which one understands basic truths about the universe


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