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Ancient India/Hinduism/Buddhism Test

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  1. samsara
  2. sudras
  3. vishnu
  4. Four Noble Truths
  5. Aryans
  1. a As taught by the Buddha, the four basic beliefs that form the foundation of Buddhism.
  2. b caste that made up most of the Indian population; most were peasants and manual laborers; they had limited rights in society
  3. c the Hindu cycle of death and rebirth
  4. d an Indo-European people who, about 1500 B.C., began to migrate into the Indian subcontinent
  5. e A Hindu god considered the Preserver of the world

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  1. Eight steps to end suffering according to Buddhist tradition.
  2. a dome-shaped structure that serves as a Buddhist shrine
  3. Indus Valley city laid out in a grid pattern. Had a complex irrigation and sewer system.
  4. a large and distinctive landmass that is a distinct part of some continent
  5. an important Hindu deity who in the trinity of gods was the Destroyer

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  1. The Vedas and The EpicsSacred texts are important to Hinduism?


  2. rajaha Hindu prince or king in India


  3. BrahmanPriests and scholars in the Indian caste system


  4. Chandragupta Mauryathe moral law combined with spiritual discipline that guides one's life; the order of the universe


  5. castea lifelong social group/class into which into which a Hindu is born


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