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GACS lclab - English 7 - Wordly Wise 3000 - Book 7, Lesson 12 Test

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  1. orbit
  2. Arbitration
  3. Devout
  4. enlighten
  5. Capricious
  1. a v. to inform or instruct;
  2. b adj. Sincere
  3. c n. The path taken by an object around a heavenly body such as a star, planet, or moon.
  4. d adj. Likely to change quickly for no obvious reason
  5. e n. The act of arbitrating

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  1. n. Anything too deep to measure
  2. n. A quality or feature associated with a person or thing
  3. n. the act or instance of intervening
  4. v. to slope or lean
  5. v. To expose to the possibility of criticism or shame

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  1. inclinev. to bend or bow(the head)


  2. Compromisev. To settle a disagreement by having each side give up something


  3. Abductionn. The act or instance of abducting


  4. Abyssn. A deep opening in the earth


  5. necessityn. Anything that cannot be done without or that is greatly needed.


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