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  1. Insulation
  2. Murky
  3. Lethargic
  4. Camouflage
  1. a v. To hide or conceal, especially by disguising the appearance of
  2. b adj. Dark; gloomy
  3. c adj. Slow moving; sleepy or tired
  4. d n. Material that is used to insulate

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  1. v. To cover with a material that keeps electricity, heat, or sound from escaping
  2. v. To recede, fall back, or pull away from
  3. v. To search for food or supplies
  4. v. To fill up again
  5. n. A planned military movement

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  1. Bountifuln. That which is given freely, by nature or a generous person


  2. Bountyadj. Plentiful


  3. Maneuverv. To perform military movements with


  4. Weanv. To recede, fall back, or pull away from


  5. Waryadj. Dark; gloomy


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