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  1. subtle
  2. feasible
  3. haughty
  4. chasten
  5. dubious
  1. a verb: subdue, humble, take down a peg, put someone in their place
  2. b possible, able to be done, reasonable
  3. c adjective: proud, arrogant, snobby, uppity, big-headed, pompous, conceited
  4. d adj: ambiguous, questionable, doubtful, suspicious
  5. e adj: muted, subdued, faint, below the radar, understated

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  1. adj: flimsy, weak, hard to defend, unsupportable
  2. forceful; intensely emotional; with marked vigor; strong
  3. verb: obtain, get, find, acquire, buy, purchase, get one's hands on
  4. adj: temporary, transitory, fleeting, short-lived, brief
  5. adj: unknown, dubious, mysterious, concealed, hidden, unknown
    verb: mask, cloak, hide, conceal, block out, veil

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  1. cherisha deep, gaping hole; a gorge, rift


  2. amassquick to learn, catch on, learned


  3. flagranttouching, sad, meaningful


  4. augmentverb: strengthen, boost, enlarge, expand, amplify, improve, increase


  5. convolutedto publicly condemn someone for his actions


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