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  1. polarize
  2. aesthetic
  3. unprecedented
  4. denounce
  5. orthodox
  1. a traditional, conventional
  2. b verb: condemn, attack, censure, decry, discredit, slur, vilify
  3. c to draw into two opposing sides
  4. d adj: artisitic, elegant, good taste, attractive, pleasing
  5. e adj: unheard of, unparalleled, unknown, unequalled, extraordinary

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  1. adj: outlying, on the edges, unimportant, nonessential, minor
  2. debris, wreckage, ruins, rubble
  3. adj: flimsy, weak, hard to defend, unsupportable
  4. noun: charm, presence, personality, magnetism, appeal, attractiveness
  5. noun: hostility, bitterness, dislike, bad blood, hatred, loathing, spite

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  1. provincialadj: unsophisticated, narrow-minded, limited, bigoted


  2. infamousverb: collect, stockpile, gather, stash, assemble


  3. obsequiousservile, overly submissive and eager to please, fawning


  4. solicitverb: ask for, request, seek, plead, beg, press for


  5. feasibleto publicly condemn someone for his actions


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