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  1. intrepid
  2. compliant
  3. censure
  4. provincial
  5. insipid
  1. a adj: unafraid, bold, brave, courageous, gutsy
  2. b adj: boring, unimaginative, bland, weak, lackluster, dull, ho-hum
  3. c adj: unsophisticated, narrow-minded, limited, bigoted
  4. d to publicly condemn someone for his actions
  5. e adj: amenable, cooperative, obedient, tame, submissive

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  1. possible, able to be done, reasonable
  2. adj: changeable, volatile, mercurial, inconstant, undependable
  3. verb: obtain, get, find, acquire, buy, purchase, get one's hands on
  4. practical or workable
  5. verb: deteriorate, decline, wither, waste away, go downhill

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  1. retractionnoun: stronghold, defense, fortification, guard, protector


  2. haughtyadjective: proud, arrogant, snobby, uppity, big-headed, pompous, conceited


  3. flagrantadj: conspicuous, outrageous, glaring, blatant, obvious, shameless


  4. insolencenoun: injustice, wrong, insult, indignity, complaint, criticism, objection


  5. veracitynoun: dissenter, agnostic, atheist, nonbeliever, pagan, heathen


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