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  1. extraneous
  2. demure
  3. manifest
  4. unprecedented
  5. cherish
  1. a adj: unheard of, unparalleled, unknown, unequalled, extraordinary
  2. b reveal its presence, make an appearance, show
  3. c adj: modest, meek, mild, shy, bashful, ladylike, innocent
  4. d verb: love, hold dear, admire, care for, look after, keep safe
  5. e more than necessary, extra

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  1. verb: deteriorate, decline, wither, waste away, go downhill
  2. adjective: clumsy, awkward, ponderous, difficult to carry, cumbersome
  3. a short, humorous story which usually contains a message
  4. of your own free will
  5. adj: cheap, penny-pinching, tightfisted, stingy, miserly

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  1. charlatannoun: charm, presence, personality, magnetism, appeal, attractiveness


  2. animositynoun: hostility, bitterness, dislike, bad blood, hatred, loathing, spite


  3. obscureverb: obtain, get, find, acquire, buy, purchase, get one's hands on


  4. prudentadj: cautious, judicious, sensible, sage, advisable, careful, thrifty


  5. disruptiveadj: unconfirmed, uncertain, provisional, hesitating, unsure


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