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  1. bastion
  2. exacerbate
  3. chasm
  4. venerable
  5. animosity
  1. a worthy of respect
  2. b to make something worse, to aggravate
  3. c noun: hostility, bitterness, dislike, bad blood, hatred, loathing, spite
  4. d noun: stronghold, defense, fortification, guard, protector
  5. e a deep, gaping hole; a gorge, rift

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  1. adj: sarcastic, sharp, bitter, corosive, abrasive, cutting
  2. adj: casual, cheerful, careless, nonchalant, unworried
  3. verb: increase, add to, magnify, build up, augment, improve
  4. yielding to the wishes or demands of others, lenient
  5. Hard or painful struggle, trouble

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  1. engendernoun: passion, ardor, intensity, excitement, animation, energy, spirit


  2. chastenverb: subdue, humble, take down a peg, put someone in their place


  3. subtleadj: muted, subdued, faint, below the radar, understated


  4. degenerateverb: deteriorate, slip, decline, worsen, go downhill


  5. ponderousabsurd, ridiculous, senseless


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