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  1. aesthetic
  2. dissipate
  3. poignant
  4. dilemma
  5. arbitrary
  1. a stuck between two undesirable options, problem
  2. b touching, sad, meaningful
  3. c adj: artisitic, elegant, good taste, attractive, pleasing
  4. d verb: disappear, vanish, scatter, disperse
  5. e adj: random, unpredictable, chance, whimsical, unreasoned

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  1. verb: ask for, request, seek, plead, beg, press for
  2. verb: collect, stockpile, gather, stash, assemble
  3. more than necessary, extra
  4. adj: practical, matter of fact, businesslike, commonsensical
  5. tangible, capable of being touched or felt

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  1. ambulatoryadj: walking, not bed ridden, mobile


  2. recapitulateto review a series of facts; to sum up, repeat briefly


  3. dogmaticadj: compassionate, forgiving, merciful, benevolent, civilizing


  4. ponderousburdensome; heavy; hard to endure, oppressive


  5. transgressionnoun: stronghold, defense, fortification, guard, protector


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