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  1. a metaphor that uses a part to represent the whole. Ex: "I just got a new set of wheels."
  2. comparison between two different items that an author may use to describe, define, explain, etc. by indicating their similarities. Ex: "The asphalt softened, the lawns grew spidery brown, and the dogs crept like shadows."
  3. a metaphor in which the actual subject is represented by an item with which it is closely related. Ex: "Today, the White House issued a statement congratulating Congress on its passage of the new energy bill."
  4. a writer uses this to minimize the obvious importance or seriousness of someone or something, assuming the audience knows the significance. Ex: "After a fireman saves a family, he says, 'Just doing my job.'"

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  1. antithesisconstruction (word, phrase, another sentence) that is placed as an unexpected aside in the middle of the rest of the sentence. Ex: "His guitar (he always thought of it as his right arm) was missing again."


  2. litotesused for emphasis or affirmation and asserts a point by denying the opposite. Ex: "Tornadoes are not unheard of in Nebraska during the summer." (when in fact they occur frequently)


  3. apostropheusually found in poetry; writer speaks directly to an abstract person, idea, or ideal and is used to exhibit strong emotions. Ex: "Be with me Beauty, for the fire is dying."


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