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  1. Tsunamis can caused by this
  2. When was Infamous San Francisco Earthquake?
  3. Epicenter
  4. When was Loma Prieta Earthquake - San Francisco?
  5. Seismograph
  1. a the device used to measure the seismic waves of an earthquake
  2. b point on surface directly above an earthquake
  3. c 1989
  4. d 1906
  5. e shallow earthquake, volcanoes, landslides

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  1. recent earthquake, all water is pulled out to sea, "water leaves the beach"
  2. hanging wall slides down the footwall
  3. fastest wave - 5kps - travels through both solids and liquids - like a sound wave
  4. 1976 - No warning - around 500,000 killed
  5. Love wave - surface wave - side to side motion

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  1. thrust faultwhen one block is pushed on top of another


  2. When was Northridge CA Earthquake?1994


  3. strike-slip faulthanging wall slides up the footwall


  4. 2004The greatest danger after an earthquake


  5. Anchorage, Alaskalogarithmic (increases by powers of 10) scale used to measure earthquakes


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