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  1. When was Northridge CA Earthquake?
  2. Lisbon
  3. Anchorage, Alaska
  4. R-wave
  5. strike-slip fault
  1. a 1755 - 60,000 dead - realized there were 2 distinct waves
  2. b when one plate grinds past another - ex. San Andreas
  3. c Rayleigh wave - like ripples on a lake
  4. d 1964 - greatest land deformation ever recorded
  5. e 1994

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  1. a break in the lithosphere along which movement has taken place
  2. Scientist that studies Earthquake waves
  3. using three seismographs to determine the epicenter of an earthquake
  4. The greatest danger after an earthquake
  5. Seismic Sea Wave

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  1. P-wavefastest wave - 5kps - travels through both solids and liquids - like a sound wave


  2. normal faultwhen one block is pushed on top of another


  3. 2004The greatest danger after an earthquake


  4. Charles Richter1975 - Successfully predicted by Chinese


  5. Pacific Tsunami Warning Centerrecent earthquake, all water is pulled out to sea, "water leaves the beach"


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