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  1. slide sorter view
  2. blank presentation
  3. effects options
  4. slide master
  5. autocontent wizard
  1. a Controls the formatting for all the slides in the presentation
  2. b lets you create a presentaions from scratch
  3. c A view that displays all slides simultaneously in miniature form
  4. d Allows you to control how the text enters the screen and add sounds.
  5. e wizard that gives prompts for the type of slide show being created

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  1. A table that appears within a chart
  2. Predesigned graphic styles that you can apply to your slides.
  3. a link in a document to a Web page or to another document
  4. The workbench for PowerPoint presentations.
  5. lets you add items that you want to appear on all your handouts

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  1. notes page viewdisplays your slides on the top portion of the page.


  2. groupingon the right side of the screen contains common tasks that you use frequently when creating a presentation


  3. slide transitionsdetermine how one slide is removed from the screen and how the next one appears


  4. picture toolbarallows you to adjust the color, contrast, and brightness of your picture.


  5. motion pathsPredefined paths for the movement of an object.


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