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  1. handles
  2. grouping
  3. handout master
  4. powerpoint presentation
  5. motion paths
  1. a Predefined paths for the movement of an object.
  2. b Are usally used viewed using a projector on a screen
  3. c Allows you to work with several objects as though they were one object.
  4. d small black squares surrounding the edges of a graphic, allowing the graphic to be moved
  5. e lets you add items that you want to appear on all your handouts

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  1. a graphic way of presenting data in the text
  2. reserves a space in the presentation for the type of information you want to insert
  3. lets you create a presentaions from scratch
  4. determine how one slide is removed from the screen and how the next one appears
  5. on the right side of the screen contains common tasks that you use frequently when creating a presentation

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  1. design templatePredesigned graphic styles that you can apply to your slides.


  2. normal viewThis view has four panes: the slides pane, the task pane, the outline pane, and the notes pane.


  3. slide show viewA view that displays all slides simultaneously in miniature form


  4. notes masterInclude any text or formatting that you want to appear on all your speaker notes


  5. shift-clickinga link in a document to a Web page or to another document


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