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  1. centrifugal
  2. boundary demarcation
  3. geometric boundary
  4. boundary definition
  5. reapportionment
  1. a Forces that tend to divide a country-such as international religious, linguistic, ethnic, or ideological differences
  2. b straight lines that serve as political boundaries that are unrelated to physical and/or cultural differences, i.e., United States/Canadian border
  3. c There are no physical signs on Earth's surface to show that a boundary exists, i.e., Saudi Arabia/Oman
  4. d Political boundaries on Earth's surface are determined by the use of man-made structures such as fences and walls, i.e. United States and Mexico
  5. e process by which representative districts are switched according to population shifts, so that each district encompasses approximately the same number of people

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  1. A term associated with the work of Robert Sack that describes the efforts of human societies to influence events and achieve social goals by exerting, and attempting to enforce, control over specific geographical areas.
  2. zone where no state exercises political control i.e., Antarctica and portions of Saudi Arabia
  3. when two or more states disagree about the demarcation of a political boundary
  4. state that is extremely small, i.e., San Marino
  5. below the surface of Earth. Boundaries are vertical planes, not merely lines on a map

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  1. fragmented statestate that totally surrounds another state, i.e., Lesotho/South Africa


  2. Prorupt statestate having a portion of a territory that is elongated, i.e., Thailand


  3. territorial representationthe right of a state to defend soverign territory against incurrsion from other states


  4. physical boundarymajor physical features such as deserts, mountain ranges. and/or water bodies that serve as a means of separation, i.e., Great Lakes, Pureness Mountains, and Sahara Desert


  5. sovereigntyprocesses that incorporate higher levels of education, higher salaries and more technology; generate more wealth than periphery processes in the world-economy


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