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  1. multistate nation
  2. Perforated state
  3. territoriality
  4. commodification
  5. federal state
  1. a state that totally surrounds another state, i.e., Lesotho/South Africa
  2. b A political-territorial system wherein a central government represents the various entities within a nation-state where they have common interests-defense, foreign affairs, and the like-yet allows these various entities to retain their own identities and to have their own laws, policies, and customs in certain spheres.
  3. c nation that stretches across borders and across states
  4. d In political geography, a country's or more local community's sense of propertyand attachment toward its territory, as expressed by its determination to keep it inviolable and strongly defended
  5. e The process through which something is given monetary value; occurs when a good or idea that previously was not regarded as an object to be bought and sold is turned into something that has a particular price and that can be traded in a market economy.

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  1. state with more than one nation within its borders
  2. zone where no state exercises political control i.e., Antarctica and portions of Saudi Arabia
  3. places where core and periphery processes are both occurring; places that are exploited by the core but in turn exploit the periphery
  4. small portion of land that is separated from the main state, i.e., Kaliningrad/Russia
  5. government based on the principle that the people are the ultimate soveriegn and have the final say over what happens within the state

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  1. relict boundaryhow boundaries evolve over time


  2. antecedent boundaryboundary that was created before the present day cultural landscape developed, i.e., Malaysia/Indonesia on the island of Borneo


  3. enclavesmall portion of land that is separated from the main state, i.e., Kaliningrad/Russia


  4. heartland theoryA geopolitical hypothesis, proposed by British geographer Halford Mackinder during the first two decades of the twentieth century, that any political power based in the heart of Eurasia could gain sufficient strength to eventually dominate the world. Ackinder further proposed that since Eastern Europe controlled access to the Eurasian interior, its ruler would command the vast "heartland" to the east


  5. abilityRepresentation of a real-world phenomenon at a certain level of reduction or generalization. In cartography, the ratio of map distance to ground distance; indicated on a map as a bar graph, representative fraction, and/or verbal statement


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