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  1. Jacksonian Democracy
  2. Nicholas Biddle
  3. Nationalism
  4. Tariff of Abomination
  5. Convention of 1818
  1. a term that describe political power exercised by ordinary Americans
  2. b treaty between US and Britain which set the Northern border of the LA territory at the 49th parallel for a period of 10 years
  3. c president of the National Bank and enemy of Jackson
  4. d tariff passed in 1828 which raised rates to a very high level. the southerners and westerners opposed it
  5. e the belief that the interests of the nation as a whole are more important that regional interests or the interest of other countries

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  1. an American painter who helped establish the Hudson River School of Art and best known for his landscapes
  2. proposed by Henry Clay meant to unite the country. His plan called for a tariff to protect American industry, the sale of government land to benefit the national government, the maintenance of a national bank, and government funding of internal improvements such as roads and canals
  3. national bank given a 20-year charter in 1816 to regulate state banks
  4. a proposal made by Henry Clay in 1820 which allowed Missouri to enter the Union as a slave state and Maine as a free state to equal everything out. As part of the Compromise all states carved from the LA territory North 36 degrees, 30 would be closed to slavery
  5. term used to describe the intense spirit of nationalism that existed in America during the early 1800s

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  1. Noah Websterthe practice of rewarding political supporters with government positions


  2. Bush-Bagot Treatytreaty between US and Spain in which the US acquired Florida and gave up claims to Texas


  3. Trails of Tearthe practice of rewarding political supporters with government positions


  4. John Quincy AdamsJackson's Vice President who arguments in favor of states' right that lead to a serious political break between him and Jackson. Elected by his home state South Carolina as a Senator


  5. Spoils Systemthe practice of rewarding political supporters with government positions


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