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  1. contrite
  2. effigy
  3. formation
  4. enmity
  5. corpulent
  1. a showing deep regret and sorrow
  2. b an act of giving shape or form to something
  3. c large or bulky of a body
  4. d image or statue
  5. e hostility or hatred

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  1. amusingly absurd, rediculous
  2. act of sharing
  3. a cluster of leaves
  4. dread of impending danger, fear
  5. wandering, straying

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  1. decoruma scattering


  2. clamorousloud and noisy


  3. boughsbranch of a tree


  4. incantationan act of giving shape or form to something


  5. ineffectualnot helpful. useless


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