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  1. adj: marked by precise exact accoradnace with the details of codes or conventions
  2. noun: an artifice or stratagem used to conceal, escape, or evade
  3. verb: to draw or bring out (somthing latent or potential)
  4. adj: meticulous, careful
  5. adj: unwilling to admit or accept what is related as true; disbelieving

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  1. notorietyadj: insultingly contemptuous in speech or conduct


  2. commensurateadj: equal in measure or extent; equivalent


  3. affectationn: an unusual or unexpected sight; a ghostly figure


  4. scrutinyadj: of basic importance, primary


  5. meretriciousadj: based on pretense or insincerity; cheaply ornamental, deceptively attractive


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