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  1. theory of evolution
  2. prokaryotes
  3. oxygen
  4. domain
  5. organism's body structure
  1. a The Bacteria and Archaea domains include only ____________________.
  2. b The classification level that is broader that kingdom is ___________.
  3. c Charls Darwin's __________________ had a major impact on classification.
  4. d Scientists hypothesize that the first life forms on Earth did not need ______________ to survive.
  5. e Scientists can get information about the evolutionary history of species by comparing __________________________.

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  1. One characteristic used to place organisms into kingdoms is their ability to ______________.
  2. _____________ is the scientific study of how living things are classified.
  3. Taxonomic keys can be used to help determine the __________ of organisms.
  4. To survive, all living things need __________, ___________, __________, and ________________.
  5. an organisms ability to maintain stable internal conditions is ___________________.

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  1. responseA plant growing twoard the light is an example of a _____________________.


  2. unicellular and multicellular organismsAn organism's scientific name consists of its _________________________.


  3. poduced only by living thingsCharls Darwin's __________________ had a major impact on classification.


  4. stimulusThe group of organisms that includes only mulitcellular heterotrophs is _________________.


  5. sunThe source of energy for most autotrophs is the ________.


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