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  1. shafa
  2. hong
  3. shui dian fei
  4. zhao
  5. yixie
  1. a sofa
  2. b water and electricity bill
  3. c some
  4. d look for
  5. e red

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  1. It is said that; I heard that
  2. to guess
  3. to get sick because of having eaten bad food
  4. to show (a film); to perform
  5. Mr.

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  1. bato rent; rent


  2. naliused in the second clause of a compound sentence to indicate that what is stated in the first clause is a necessary condition for the result or conclusion stated in the second clause


  3. shengbingto go to see a doctor


  4. caito show (a film); to perform


  5. gengeven more


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