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  1. FARC
  2. Alfredo Stroessner
  3. Dirty War
  4. Population of Paraguay
  5. Hugo Chavez
  1. a Former military dictator of Paraguay
  2. b State sponsored violence and terrorism in Argentina
  3. c Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - guerilla organization. Largest and oldest insurgent group in Americas. Funded largely by coca, labs, marketing, trafficking
  4. d size of California but only 6 million. 550,000 live in the Capital of Asuncion. 95% mestizo
  5. e president/dictator of Venezuela

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  1. Bolivia
  2. FARC makes $300 million per year from this
  3. ...
  4. Won presidential runoff election in Brazil on Oct 31, 2010
  5. a group of islands in the Pacific off South America; owned by Ecuador; known for unusual animal life where Darwin found the fiches that led him to the theory of evolution

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  1. Guyana languageThe current President of Peru.


  2. Augusto Pinochetmyths, urban living, family, machismo, marianismo


  3. Argentinazo1/2 European & 1/2 Indian


  4. Simon Bolivar
    In 1809, the "Liberator," Simon Bolivar began the battle for independence, and after the Spanish defeat in 1824, Bolivia finally gained its hard-fough freedom in 1825.


  5. Jim JonesWon presidential runoff election in Brazil on Oct 31, 2010


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