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  1. Favelas
  2. Argentina Population
  3. Netherlands
  4. Alfredo Stroessner
  5. Urbanization of Argentina
  1. a Argentina is a land of immigrants. The majority of its people descend from early Spanish and Italian immigrants. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries immigrants from many parts of Europe arrived in the country. 3% of Argentina's population is native indian or meztizo, the rest of the population is white. As of July 2001, Argentina's estimated population is 37,384,816.
  2. b a shantytown in or near a city, esp. in Brazil; slum area.
  3. c rapid urban migration in developing countries. Latin America has already become the most urbanized region in the world
  4. d founders of Suriname
  5. e Former military dictator of Paraguay

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  1. 1/2 European & 1/2 Indian
  2. Plan Colombia sharply increased US support to the Colombian military and the National Police, bringing with it a wide variety of military and intelligence related hardware and training, all with the goal of assisting the Government of Colombia in their efforts to resist the depredations of narcotics terrorists.
  3. Chile. In 1973 he overthrew the government and most of the government was murdered. Over 15 years, he led a reign of terror. He dissolved congress, and banned other political parties, and over 85,000 citizens were murdered and others were tortured. And in 1989, he was voted out of office but still remained a military leader. He also wrote the Amnesty Law of 1978, exculpates any person who committed crimes between Sept. 11, 1973-March 10, 1978. He was arrested in the UK by a Spanish judge and died while under house arrest in Chile in 2006.

  4. In 1809, the "Liberator," Simon Bolivar began the battle for independence, and after the Spanish defeat in 1824, Bolivia finally gained its hard-fough freedom in 1825.
  5. President of Ecuador

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  1. Alberto Fujimori1/2 European & 1/2 Indian


  2. Amazon Riverthe longest river in South America, flowing from the Andes Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean, located primarily across Brazil


  3. Rio de Janeirocult leader who founded a colony in Guyana, a suicide-murder spree in a jungle religious commune, founded by Rev. Jim Jones, took the lives of about 900 members of the San Francisco-based People's Temple.
    Jonestown cult


  4. Urban CivilizationPoor communities surrounding Venezuela's cities such as in Caracas


  5. Sebastian Pineracurrent president of Chile


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