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  1. Francisco Pizarro
  2. Cristina & Nestor Kirchner
  3. Plan Colombia
  4. Lula
  5. Galapagos Islands
  1. a Plan Colombia sharply increased US support to the Colombian military and the National Police, bringing with it a wide variety of military and intelligence related hardware and training, all with the goal of assisting the Government of Colombia in their efforts to resist the depredations of narcotics terrorists.
  2. b Spanish explorer who conquered the Incas in what is now Peru and founded the city of Lima (1475-1541)
  3. c The current President of Argentina (Cristina). Nestor died last year of heart attack, former president.
  4. d ...
  5. e a group of islands in the Pacific off South America; owned by Ecuador; known for unusual animal life where Darwin found the fiches that led him to the theory of evolution

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  1. The second largest city in Brazil; it is a major port city and Brazil's former capital
  2. Won presidential runoff election in Brazil on Oct 31, 2010
  3. The current President of Peru.
  4. a shantytown in or near a city, esp. in Brazil; slum area.
  5. myths, urban living, family, machismo, marianismo

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  1. Simon Bolivarthe longest river in South America, flowing from the Andes Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean, located primarily across Brazil


  2. FARC...


  3. MarianismoKEY VALUE: The "ideal" traditional Latin American woman who is patient, loving, gentle, and willing to suffer in silence


  4. Alberto Fujimori
    president of Peru who suspended the nation's constitution to crush antigovernment guerillas and engineered his own election before fleeing the country


  5. Taxing DrugsFARC makes $300 million per year from this


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