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  1. vengeance
  2. flout
  3. unscathed
  4. brazen
  5. reverence
  1. a boldly shameless/ impudent
  2. b punishment
  3. c to jeer
  4. d without suffering any injury or damage
  5. e deep respect for someone or something

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  1. steep jagged rock
  2. progress; an advance
  3. a penalty for disobeying a law
  4. to officially take possession or control of
  5. fatty and oily

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  1. infatuatedpossessed by an unreasoning passion or attraction


  2. dappledharness for horse's head


  3. injudiciousunfair, unjust


  4. bridlerituals, usually religious in nature


  5. impugnto assail by words or argument


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