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  1. imprecation
  2. legerdemain
  3. knell
  4. kismet
  5. malapropism
  1. a a word humorously misused
  2. b sleight of hand; deception
  3. c a sound made by a bell rung slowly for a death or funeral
  4. d destiny; fate; fortune (one's lot in life)
  5. e a curse

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  1. a total rejection of established laws
  2. powerless; lacking strength
  3. magic, especially that practiced by a witch
  4. lustful or lewes; inciting sexual desire
  5. use of a new word; making up a new word or definition

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  1. jocularusing few words; short; concise


  2. languidusing few words; short; concise


  3. maelstromcapable of being changed; easily shaped


  4. juxtaposeto place side by side for comparison


  5. malleableenvironment, setting


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