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  1. Franklin Pierce
  2. Pontiac
  3. John C. Calhoun
  4. Thomas Paine
  5. Sacagewea
  1. a American political philosopher and author he urged an immediate declaration of independence from England in his anonymously and simply written pamphlet, Common Sense.
  2. b American politician and supporter of slavery and states; rights; he served as vice president to Andrew Jackson and was instrumental in the South Carolina nullification crisis.
  3. c Ottawa chief who united the Great Lakes' Indians to try to halt the advance of European settlements. He attacked British forts in a battle known as Pontiac's Rebellion and eventually surrendered.
  4. d Shoshone woman who, along with French fur trapper husband, accompanied and aided Lewis and Clark on their expedition.
  5. e Fourteenth president of the U.S.; he condemned Kansas' free-soil government as rebels, which led to the Sac of Lawrence.

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  1. American statesman; he was a delegate toe the Constitutional Convention, the fourth president of the United States and the author of some of the Federalist Papers. He is called the "Father of the Constitution" for his proposals at the Constitutional Convention.
  2. Tenth president of the U.S.; favored annexation of TX and signed the joint resolution of Congress into law three days before his term ended.
  3. Union army officer; his famous March to the Sea captured Atlanta, Georgia, an important turning point in the war.
  4. Spanish explorer who explored parts of the southerwestern United States in search of the legendary Seven Cities of Gold.
  5. American writer and transcendentalist philosopher; he studied nature and published a magazine article "Civil Disobedience," as well as his famous book, Walden Pond.

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  1. John AdamsAmerican statesman; he was a delegate to the Continental Congress, a member of the committee that drafted the Declaration of Independence, vice president to George Washington and second president of the U.S.


  2. Eliza LucasPlantation manager in the Carolinas; she was the first person to successfully grow Indigo in the colonies.


  3. Leif ErikssonViking seaman who was the first European to land on the continent of North America.


  4. Abraham LincolnSixteenth president of the United States; he promoted equal rights for African American in the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates. He issued the Emancipation Proclamation and set in motion the Civil War, determined to preserve the Union. HE was assassinated in 1865.


  5. Alexis de TocquevilleChief of the tribe of Miami and Shawnee Native Americans; he won the greatest victory Native American had ever achieved over white armies in 1791.


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