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  1. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
  2. Harriet Beecher Stowe
  3. Dorothea Dix
  4. William Pitt
  5. Hiram Revels
  1. a American clergyman, educator and politician; he became the first African American in the U.S. Senate.
  2. b American author and daughter of Lyman Beecher; she was an abolitionist and author of the famous antislavery novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
  3. c American philanthropist and social reformer; she helped change the prison system nationwide by advocating the development of state hospitals to treat the mentally ill instead of jails.
  4. d English leader in Parliament who apposed taxing American colonists, but also opposed their requests for independence.
  5. e Mexican general, president and dictator; he fought in the Texas Revolution and seized the Alamo but was defeated and captured by Sam Houston at San Jacinto.

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  1. American journalist and reformer; he published the famous anti slavery newspaper, the Liberator, and helped found the American Anti-slavery society, promoting immediate emancipation and racial equality.
  2. American Indian shaman who led a revolt of Pueblo Indians in 1680 against the Spanish in present-day New Mexico, driving out the Spanish and restoring the Pueblo way of life. The Spanish retook the area after his death, but the Pueblo culture remained a part of this region.
  3. Fourteenth president of the U.S.; he condemned Kansas' free-soil government as rebels, which led to the Sac of Lawrence.
  4. Eigth president of the U.S.; he extended the 10-hour workday plan; initiated by Jackson; to include other groups
  5. Shoshone woman who, along with French fur trapper husband, accompanied and aided Lewis and Clark on their expedition.

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  1. Leif ErikssonViking seaman who was the first European to land on the continent of North America.


  2. Lucretia MottLeader of Mali who held power from 1307 to 1332.


  3. John AdamsAmerican statesman; he was a delegate to the Continental Congress, a member of the committee that drafted the Declaration of Independence, vice president to George Washington and second president of the U.S.


  4. John BellTenth president of the U.S.; favored annexation of TX and signed the joint resolution of Congress into law three days before his term ended.


  5. John C. BreckinridgeAmerican politician; he se4rved as vice president under President James Buchanan and ran for president as a Southern Democrat in 1860.


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