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  1. Pocahontas
  2. Franklin Pierce
  3. John Tyler
  4. Abigail Adams
  5. Harriet Beecher Stowe
  1. a Fourteenth president of the U.S.; he condemned Kansas' free-soil government as rebels, which led to the Sac of Lawrence.
  2. b American author and daughter of Lyman Beecher; she was an abolitionist and author of the famous antislavery novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
  3. c Algonquian princess; she waved the life of John Smith when he was captured and sentenced to death by the Powhatan. She was later taken prisoner by the English, converted to Christianity, and married colonist John Rolfe.
  4. d wife of John Adams, mother of John Quincy Adams, writer and American feminist, she was also the first First Lady to live in what was later known as the White House.
  5. e Tenth president of the U.S.; favored annexation of TX and signed the joint resolution of Congress into law three days before his term ended.

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  1. American politician and supporter of slavery and states; rights; he served as vice president to Andrew Jackson and was instrumental in the South Carolina nullification crisis.
  2. French statesman and officer who viewed the American Revolution as important to the world; he helped finance the Revolution and served as a major general
  3. American Confederate general; he led the Shenandoah Valley campaign and fought with Lee in the Seven Days' Battles and the first and second battles of Bull Run.
  4. Viking seaman who was the first European to land on the continent of North America.
  5. First and only president of the Confederate States of America after the election of president Lincoln in 1860 led to the secession of many southern states

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  1. Harriet TubmanAmerican abolitionist who escaped slavery and assisted other enslaved African to escape. She is the most famous Underground Railroad Conductor.


  2. PontiacThe author names used by Madison, Hamilton, and Jay when writing the Federalist papers.


  3. James OglethorpeEnglish soldier and humanitarian; he founded the colony of Georgia as a haven where debtors from England could come and begin new lives.


  4. Charles G. FinneyBritish general and commander of the British army at the Battle of Yorktown. After the defeat of the British army he was forced to surrender to the American, ending the American Revolution.


  5. Clara BartonAmerican engineer and inventor; he built the first commercially successful full-sized steamboat, the Clermont which led to the development of commercial steamboat ferry services for goods and people


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