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  1. Rutherford B. Hayes
  2. George Meade
  3. Stephen F. Austin
  4. Tecumseh
  5. Abraham Lincoln
  1. a Sixteenth president of the United States; he promoted equal rights for African American in the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates. He issued the Emancipation Proclamation and set in motion the Civil War, determined to preserve the Union. HE was assassinated in 1865.
  2. b Shawnee chief who attempted to form an Indian confederation to resist white settlement in the Northwest Territory.
  3. c American colonizer in Texas; after helping Texas win independence from Mexico he became secretary of State for the Texas Republic.
  4. d Nineteenth president of the United States; he was a Civil War general and hero and, in the disputed presidential election of 1876, he was chosen president by a special electoral committee.
  5. e American army officer; he served as a Union general at major Civil War Battles. He forced back General Lee's Confederate army at Gettysburg but failed to obtain a decisive victory.

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  1. American Revolutionary soldier and frontier leader, he captured the British trading village of Kaskaskia during the Revolution and encouraged Indian leaders to remain neutral.
  2. Spanish explorer who explored parts of the southerwestern United States in search of the legendary Seven Cities of Gold.
  3. American statesman; he was a delegate toe the Constitutional Convention, the fourth president of the United States and the author of some of the Federalist Papers. He is called the "Father of the Constitution" for his proposals at the Constitutional Convention.
  4. American lawyer, politician, and soldier; he led the U.S. settlers in a fight to secure Texas against Mexico and was instrumental in Texas' admission to the United States in 1845.
  5. American essayist and poet; he was a supporter of the transcendentalist philosophy of self-reliance.

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  1. Jonathan EdwardsAmerican statesman; he was a delegate to the Continental Congress, a member of the committee that drafted the Declaration of Independence, vice president to George Washington and second president of the U.S.


  2. Thomas PaineEleventh president of the United States; he negotiated the establishment or the Oregon Territory for the U.S. and acquired much land as a result of the Mexican American War.


  3. Askia MuhammadRuler of the West African kingdom of Songhai; he was known for encouraging a revival of Muslim learning during his rule.


  4. Frederick DouglassPlantation manager in the Carolinas; she was the first person to successfully grow Indigo in the colonies.


  5. Samuel SlaterGerman monk who protested against the Catholic Church in 1517; which led to the calls fro reform and the movement known as the Reformation.


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