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  1. James Oglethorpe
  2. William Bradford
  3. Little Turtle
  4. Juan Ponce De Leon
  5. Moses Austin
  1. a Leader of the Pilgrims who came to New England aboard the Mayflower and established a colony at Plymouth; he served as the governor of Plymouth from 1621 to 1656.
  2. b English soldier and humanitarian; he founded the colony of Georgia as a haven where debtors from England could come and begin new lives.
  3. c Spanish explorer who explored Puerto Rico and became its governor in 1509. In 1513 he discovered land off the east coast of Florida while looking for a fabled "Fountain of youth" and claimed the region for Spain.
  4. d Chief of the tribe of Miami and Shawnee Native Americans; he won the greatest victory Native American had ever achieved over white armies in 1791.
  5. e American banker who requested land in Texas from the Mexican government on which to build a colony; he died before he received the land and his son, Stephen Austin, late founded a colony there.

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  1. American Abolitionist; he started the Pottawatomie Massacre in Kansas to revenge killings of abolitionists. He later seized the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia, to encourage a slave revolt. He was tried and executed.
  2. American Politician, he was nominated for president in 1860 by the constitutional union party because of his moderate pro-slavery and pro-Union views.
  3. American politician and supporter of slavery and states; rights; he served as vice president to Andrew Jackson and was instrumental in the South Carolina nullification crisis.
  4. Sixteenth president of the United States; he promoted equal rights for African American in the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates. He issued the Emancipation Proclamation and set in motion the Civil War, determined to preserve the Union. HE was assassinated in 1865.
  5. French philosopher, politician and author; his work Democracy in America encouraged American to form their own culture rather than mimicking that of the Europeans.

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  1. BrutusName used by Robert Yates, An American layer and leader of the Antifederalists, when writing letter s to the Constitutional Convention in opposition of the Constitution.


  2. George MeadeAmerican army officer; he served as a Union general at major Civil War Battles. He forced back General Lee's Confederate army at Gettysburg but failed to obtain a decisive victory.


  3. James PolkAmerican soldier, lawyer, senator, and v ice President of the U.S.; he shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel in 1807 and was arrested for treason in 1807 and later acquitted. His trial ended his political career.


  4. John AdamsAmerican statesman; he was a delegate to the Continental Congress, a member of the committee that drafted the Declaration of Independence, vice president to George Washington and second president of the U.S.


  5. Thomas JeffersonAmerican political philosopher and author he urged an immediate declaration of independence from England in his anonymously and simply written pamphlet, Common Sense.


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